Thursday 6.14.12

Danielle Doherty, back from BC hockey, ready to get after it.


clean and Jerk

“Death by Clean and Jerk”

with a running clock, on the first min. complete 1 clean and jerk, on the second min. complete 2 clean and jerks, and on the third min. complete 3. you will continue up the ladder until the clock kicks you out. If you cannot complete the number of cleans you need to do by the end of the min. you are out.

Level I – 75/35

Level II – 95/65

Level III – 115/80

Level IV – 135/95

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6 Comments on “Thursday 6.14.12”

  1. rob Says:

    strength metcon – 19:24RX. I kept hoping my heart rate would drop as i degenerated into single t2b but it did not…


  2. Nick C Says:

    dbl under, T2B, pistol and run WOD- 13:40rx. pistols felt slow and wobbly today.


  3. Michele Says:

    du/t2b/pistol/run wod: 17:42rx
    t2b took the longest. du and pistols unbroken. as always i hate running. at least it was only 200m.


  4. Jodie Says:

    Comp wod a bit of a disaster as my arms were as useless as my ripped hands. Ended up doing 3 rounds plus extra 50 du without t2b. On a side note, however, did all pistols in reebok oly shoes to avoid all the shoe changes. :). That’s progress!


  5. mattgonsalves Says:

    First time doing pistols … pretty tough! 15:15 rx


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