Monday 6.11.12

Darryl and Emily 

A couple that WOD’s together stays together

The story of “FRAN”

Today we will be doing the most famous CrossFit WOD.


21 – 15 – 9



Level I – 65/35

Level  II – 75/45

Level III – 85/55

Level IV – 95/65 

The pull-ups will be dependent on your proficiency of the movement. Jumping, banded or regular.

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10 Comments on “Monday 6.11.12”

  1. Bill Brown Says:

    Whew! First workout that I’ve actually gagged. Uggh.

    Fran – 7:02 Rx


  2. Ryan T Says:

    Fran – 3:58 Rx. Definitely hurting after


  3. SACKrifice Says:

    Performed my first session of MADCow today… It was AWESOME! I am psyched to be back to working out with everyone again.

    Did today’s strength with Joe “The Punisher” Lind and Nick “I’ll Cut You Up” Crowley. I am going to be feeling those squats later tonight. Everyone who will be or has performed Fran today. Way to be AWESOME!


  4. Lauren B Says:

    Fran 5:15. Could have done faster I think…


  5. rob Says:

    strength day felt great. hit all my numbers. bs: 310×5, bench 365×5, row 225×5.


  6. erick Says:

    Fran in 6:15 @ 85 lbs and tore a callus. Next time its rx. Hopefully less time.


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