Thursday 5.31.12

Simone. Caraca!!!!!!

bench press



max reps@95%0f90%1rm

“Thoughtful Narcissesist” 

4 rounds

run 400 meters

30 wall balls

Level I – 13/10

Level II – 15/13

Level III – 20/14

Level IV – 20/14



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11 Comments on “Thursday 5.31.12”

  1. Jason S Says:

    my reminder: 215 for 5, 240 for 3, max reps of 270


  2. Raffaele Says:

    Does thinking the WOD “thoughtful narcissist” is named after you make you a narcissist?


  3. Bill Brown Says:

    Felt good this morning.

    Bench – 5 @160, 3 @185, 4@205
    WOD – 18:10 (20lb wall ball)


  4. Seth Says:

    Yes, Raf; I believe it does.


  5. amy Says:

    you’re so vain. i bet you think this song is about you.


    • Matt Freake Says:

      Great, now that’s stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

      I think I’m OK with that, though.


  6. Seth Says:

    Worked on mobility instead of strength. Scaled the wall balls to 15lbs because of shoulder. 15:10


  7. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Today was pretty awesome.

    Bench: 5@85, 3@95, 5@100.

    Wod: 18:27, 14lb ball. Minimal rest on wall balls. First 2 rounds were sets of 10, third round was a set of 10 then sets of 5, last round sets of 5. My running is definitely getting better, too. 😀


  8. Jodie Says:

    Bench 5×108, 3×122.5, 4x 137…struggled with last set bc my hands r ripped up and cracking. Yuck!

    Wod: 23:10 with 14 lb ball to 10′ target…I wanted to focus on wb to actually hit the target. Sets of 10 and only 3 missed the wall. Everything else hit the target. That is a huge accomplishment (right Michele?)


  9. Jason S Says:

    Bench 215 for 5, 240 for 5 and 270 for 2. Felt real tight and weak from last 3 days. WOD felt good the timer reset but i think I was somewhere around 15 minutes. Did the wall balls in sets of 15 and did them almost unbroken thru the WOD.


  10. Lauren B Says:

    Did WOD at school…bench 5×105, 3×115, 5×120. Could have done a couple more the last set. I had to have my secretary spot me because everyone else was teaching. She was a champ! If you knew her you could appreciate how funny it is that she spotted me! :0) WOD- 13:15 with 15.5 lb ball. DId unbroken first three sets and two sets of 15 the last round.


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