Monday 5.14.12

Awesome job to Staci A, Raffielle B, and Wes P.  All three of them got 1st place in each of their weight classes at their powerlifting comp this weekend. Way to rep CFN guys.

Kim ran a half marathon this past weekend, here’s an email she sent us

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you!  I didn’t quite meet my 1/2 marathon goal this morning, but still finished in 1:51 (with only a couple of runs in the last few weeks).  My legs are so much stronger than ever before, and even more important is that I’m ok pushing myself, feeling uncomfortable, and keeping moving.  Mentally, this was my strongest race ever.  All thanks to cfn- so i drafted this note in my head at around mile 10 to make sure you guys know how much i appreciate it!  I crossed the finish line, hugged Patrick, and both of our first comments were about how amazing Crossfit is.  It’s absolutely the only reason I was able to keep moving today with no where near enough “regular” training.

Have a great weekend!

Great job Kim!!!

Mandy B ran a half marathon in 2 hrs this weekend and Pr’d by 17 min.

And last but not least, Congrats to Zach for running his first race. Good work buddy.



Before the WOD today we will go over strategy/efficiency of the movements

“Bacon and Beer”

3 rounds

35 wall balls@20/14

25 kb swings@53/35

15 burpee box jumps@24/20

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14 Comments on “Monday 5.14.12”

  1. jodie cohen Says:

    Congrats to all of you! What a great weekend for CrossFit Newton athletes! You all inspire me every single day.

    ~ Jodie


  2. Raffaele Says:

    Crossfit Newton : we get shit done!


  3. Jessica Cummings Says:

    Not sure if I’m ready, but signed up for Memorial Day Murph! (points for trying right?)


  4. Kim Says:

    For the record- I did not actually drink a twisted tea.


  5. Joel Says:

    Practiced a few muslce-ups then got into the WOD. Tough Monday for sure…

    WOD: 15:48 Rx.


  6. Amanda Says:

    Awesome Job by everyone this weekend!! PRs, first places, CFN represent!!


  7. Pete S. Says:

    After nearly three years of crossfitting, I can finally say this morning that I did a legit (kipping) HSPU. 2 in a row even. Some victories are hard-won. Next up: Diane.

    PS. Beer and Bacon sounds better than it it. 17:09 Rx.


  8. Seth Says:

    Tough WOD today. Didn’t catch my time, but I am excited to work the shoulders hard and not feel like crap afterward. Skills: Got 64 DUs before the WOD and a few MUs after.


  9. Bill Brown Says:

    WOD was a killer today. Did some HSPU’s before hand. I love those 🙂

    WOD: 17:38 Rx


  10. Ryan T Says:

    After wall balls and kb swings burpee box jumps were real slow. Wall balls could use some work.

    WOD: 13:38


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