Friday 5.11.12

Remember!!…..The new evening class times take effect next week on Monday.  The 5pm and 6pm classes will be switched to 5:30 and 6:30 and there will no longer be a 7pm class.  This will be much better for everyone.

Thank you

Apparently someone was wearing polkadotted underwear

Skill practice

double unders and handstands

“Double D”

Complete 60 deadlifts at 50% of your 1 rm(round up)

Everytime you need to rest you must complete a 30 dbl-unders

If you cannot do double unders you will sub 30 bar hops with your arms behind your head.

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5 Comments on “Friday 5.11.12”

  1. Kurt Says:

    I know who!’


  2. Amanda Says:

    I am taking this entire post personally, I will itemize the list now:
    1- Skill- these happen to be my two skills I am working on, HSPUs and DUs, I am making better progress with HSPUs (though saying ‘progress’ is a bit generous), my DUs are terrible, I have whip marks on the back of my legs to prove it. But hey at least I get a good tour of the gym, backwards, when I practice….
    2- The WOD- Deadlifts- my least favorite lift, despite the love that Stacy and Heather have for them, I just don’t like them. So today- there are 60! Oh and the punishment for dropping- DUs!!!! Come on!!
    3- Polka Dotted Undies- Well- you know- I am not even sure where to start here. But whoever happens to be wearing these undies in this pic- certainly has style!! And they are UNBREAKABLE and clearly had an awesome WOD based on the Sweat Angel!


  3. Joel Says:

    Good times at this morning. Big crowd and pretty funny watching people almost kill themselves practicing handstands (by people I mean me).

    WOD: 6:20 w/195# DL. DL Reps: 20, 10, 12, 18. Total DU’s – 90. First set unbroken, second 18 &12, 3rd set, very broken…


  4. Joe Says:

    5:00 on the WOD with 185# DL and bar jumps. 30-20-10.
    Not so good on DU practice. I’m regressing.


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