Thursday 5.10.12

TGU(turkish get-up)

4 sets of 2

as heavy as possible

drop weight if you can’t keep your elbow streight


3 rounds

run 400 meters

20 c2d push-ups

15 t2b

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6 Comments on “Thursday 5.10.12”

  1. SACKrifice Says:

    Everyone needs to read this!!!

    Everyone needs to pick one of these events and we are doing them!!!! – This is happening in November and I believe Uri, Bill (if I can talk him into it), and myself.

    This next one is a HUGE one!!! EVERYONE SHOULD SIGN UP!!!! (Trish, this has your name on it!!!)


  2. Seth Says:

    Just purchased my Games tickets for Friday and Saturday (it’s the gf’s birthday on Sunday). Can’t wait.

    I’m trying to field a CFN Tough Mudder team for July if anyone is interested. Email me if so:


  3. Matt T Says:

    Uri’s a BEAST. I’m in


  4. Matt T Says:

    Who’s in on doing Memorial Day Murph
    Cost is 35$ all money goes to the charities listed on the site. You also get a sweet T-shirt
    If you don’t know the story behind the hero WOD “Murph” look it up, truly amazing story of a Navy Seal who died for his country. Better yet read the book Lone Survivor, one of the best books I have ever read and tells of the whole story including Lt.Murphy.
    If you’re around that day post to comments.


  5. Joel Says:

    TGUs: 35, 45, 55, 65.
    WOD: 11:28


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