Tuesday 5.8.12

AWESOME job by everyone Monday night! Great energy. Let’s keep that up.


ring dips

accumulate 50 as fast as you can

If you cannot do ring dips we will set up bar dips. If you can’t do that you will do a ring dip hold.

“No Puedo Respirar”

5 rounds

row 300 meters

16 burpees

rest 3 min

Nice strong pulls on the row.  I’m looking for minimal transition time. Get right to the burpees once you come off the rower.

I want you to push yourself through each effort.  Try to stay consistent with your round times.

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8 Comments on “Tuesday 5.8.12”

  1. Simone Cabral Says:

    Caption?! What is your plan?!


  2. rrykowski Says:

    “Shit! I think I left the oven on! BRB!!!!”


  3. Jack H Says:

    Caption: Everyday I’m shufflin


  4. Joel Says:

    Burpees? I’m out of here!


  5. Fred Says:

    Did today’s Row/Burpee WOD: Times for each round were 2:00; 2:00; 2:12; 2:13 and 2:04.


  6. Raffaele Says:

    “see you all at the finish line!”


  7. Seth Says:

    Well named WOD, Gil. 1:44, 1:51, 1:55, 2:02, and didn’t clock the last.


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