Monday 4.30.12

Team “Cindy”

power clean

2@75%, 2@85%, 2 sets of 1@95%






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14 Comments on “Monday 4.30.12”

  1. Jack H Says:

    Every time I see a new photo come up of the gym packed to the brim I get a little more motivation to power through my 3 research papers and 2 presentations before the end of the year


  2. Joel Says:

    PWC – 170, 190, 215. WOD: 8:29 Rx. Nice job with the class this am Rob!


  3. Dan Alting Says:

    Power Clean – 155, 175, 195 need to work on these, not where I want to be

    WOD – 8:23 rx


  4. Bill Brown Says:

    Still struggling big time w/ the Power Clean. Just cannot get my shoulders to cooperate. Did it at 75, 95 & 105, but that’s really where it started to hurt. Need to work on my flexibility I think.

    WOD – 8:30


  5. Nick C. Says:

    great to see the box packed this morning at 6:30!
    comp WOD- 17:20
    Spent way too much time looking at the bar during the STO with 135.


  6. Matt t Says:

    Comp wod: 8:20 sprint felt slow, db Ps felt good.
    Did some weighted pullups after and ring dips


  7. Mike C Says:

    PCs – 165/185/205(1)/215(1)
    WOD – 9:38


  8. Lauren B Says:

    A ton of people at the 5:30am class!!! Good job! Comp WOD was tough! Took me 25 min–UGH! Shoulders were dead from yesterdays WOD. Go get um guys!


  9. Ryan C Says:

    Comp WOD: 15:12 … First squst were unbroken but slow, the 135 was heavy but just did quick short sets…front squats sucked after the presses. Last presses were cardio burn suckfest


  10. Seth Says:

    PC 175, 195, 210 (failed on the second rep. took a second and got it). WOD 6:12. Felt great.


  11. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Competitors wod: 17:51. That felt a little slow, but honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I made up a lot of time on my pull-ups.


  12. jodie cohen Says:

    Competitors wod, 16:42….I wanted sub 16, but I’m happy with this score. Im excited about regionals now! 🙂 TEAM CFN….WE GOT THIS!!!!!!


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