Friday 4.27.12

The CrossFit Regional event is memorial day weekend. I’m hoping that a lot of you will be able to make it to see your CFN team and individual competitors. This is sure to be an exciting event and it would be great if you could come support your fellow CrossFitters.  One of the biggest draws to CrossFit is it’s community and you will get to see it first hand at regionals. We will have a couple of tents set up, so come hang out with us and watch some great athletes compete. You do need to purchase tickets for the event. The tickets are not expensive and the experience is worth much more. So if you’re gonna be around come support Jodie, Matt, Staci, Rob, Nick, Ryan, Lauren, Heather, Jack and Michele.  This is what they’ve been training for all year. I wanna see you guys there!!!

Click here to buy your tickets now

Kim T

“team cindy in reverse”

amrap 20

15 squats

10 push-ups

5 pull-ups

2 athletes per team. One athlete will start and move through each exercise while the other follows.

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13 Comments on “Friday 4.27.12”

  1. Dan Alting Says:

    Cindy – 14 + 10


  2. Nick C. Says:

    c+j- 2×170, 1×185-205-205
    HSPU, pistol, run, DL WOD
    2.12, 2.13, 2.22, 2.18


    • rrykowski Says:

      awesome time- the run must have really killed mine. I had splits at 3:00 with everything unbroken.


  3. Jennifer Says:

    Got my tickets to regionals. Can’t wait to cheer CFN on and see them do great things!


  4. Amanda Says:

    Regionals Tix purchased! Cant wait to watch you all kick @ss!!!


  5. Pete S. Says:

    Grayson wasn’t there so I’ll have to fill in….0530 class kicked ass this morning! Lots of Cindy going on (including a bunch of new crossfitters) and Nick and Lauren killing it with all that stuff Nick mentioned.

    18+5 rounds of Cindy myself which has me pretty pumped.


  6. Bill Brown Says:

    Felt good today. I’m really getting the hang of keeping the pace and working steadily thru the workout.

    Cindy – 16


  7. Ryan C Says:

    Squat Clean 2×185, 1×205, 1×225, 1×225 everything felt amazing so i went to power clean and jerk 240 for a pr and failed… then i hit 245 for a new 10lb PR felt like i had more but 1 pr per day

    HSPU, Pistol, 200mrun, Deadlifts
    1;41, 1:58, 1:55, 1:54


  8. Jack H Says:

    Adrian Bozman?


  9. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Clean and jerks: Worked up to heavy singles at 125. Felt pretty awesome with the help of my new belt. 😀

    HSPU/pistol/run/dl wod: Splits at 2:45, 2:55, 2:54, 2:57. Consistent throughout, which was awesome. The run was by far my slowest movement, but I still pushed myself to go as fast as I could. I’m happy with that.


  10. Jodie Says:

    Wb, BJ, mu etc comp wod. Took it easy on BJ on my ankle and stepped down. Also did push ups for burpee BJ. At end was not able to get any mu and I am now determined to get mu wo false grip. This false grip is killing me! Too tiring and requires too much flexibility in my shoulders. Time to give it up.

    Comp wod 12:13 without mu.


  11. Michele Says:

    Clean & Jerks: 1×2@125, 1×1@140, 2×1@150
    WOD: 2:33, 2:31, 2:28, 2:34 (i think those are right. may be off by a second or two.)


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