Friday 4.20.12



max reps in 5 min

“Quicki licki laundry”

3 rounds

run 200 meters with a med ball 20/14

33 kb swings@53/35

Cash out:

accumulate as many push-ups in 3 min as possible


1. single arm db snatch

Establish your heaviest 1 rep on each side

2. Push-press

10 – 10 – 10

work up to your heaviest 10 reps

3. Front squat

accumulate 25 reps@240/150

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13 Comments on “Friday 4.20.12”

  1. Jack H Says:

    Worked my way up to the 100# dumbbells for the snatches – hit about 2 on each arm with minimal break in between – I was happy to find that the more I practiced the easier it got. It’s really more of a skill than anything – that being said I have to squat snatch it every time to insure that I get the reps


    • Staci Ardison Says:

      i went in today and worked on the skill… taped myself… now going to go back again tonight now that i see all of the things i’m doing terribly wrong 🙂


  2. Michele Says:

    I was planning on doing yesterdays comp wod but since it was so similar to regional wod 2 I decided to just go for it. Took it easy on the row and got through the pistols as quickly as possible. At the time cap (17 min) I had completed 21 of the 30 hang cleans @135#. I usually don’t like to do wods ahead of time but I am glad I chose to do this one. I was not prepared for how ridiculously tired my legs would be after the row and pistols. It made the hang cleans so hard. I just had no power from my legs. Most of my reps were singles. Took me about another minute or two to finish the last nine cleans. I have no doubt that come game time I will get this done under the cap. And just to make suer they didn’t disappear overnight I did 2 more muscle ups! Day off tomorrow for me.


  3. Ryan C Says:

    Yooo, you guys are amazing and all and ima let you finish but….

    25 front squats at 240…. (the awkward moment when the prescribed weight is your 1 rep max)

    Jack sick job with the snatches… I did that wod and my first few warm up snatches felt heavy, but as soon as 3-2-1 i was ripping reps youll do fine.

    Michelle…Muscle ups…SICKK… WOD 2 sickerrrrr… Good job!


  4. Dan Alting Says:

    Comp WOD today thank god Mike was there to do it with me

    Heavy snatch with my right arm was 100# got 95 with my left and failed a few times on the 100

    Push Presses @ 135 these got heavy quick

    Front squats at 225 broken up in sets of 2


  5. Nick C. Says:

    Great job Jack, Michele and Ryan! 100# db snatches are no joke and neither are 135# hang cleans!
    worked up to 90# db snatch
    pp- 10 at 145/160/170
    FS- 25 at 240 . . . this took a little while considering last week I was doing my 4×1 at 245! Started with sets of 2 and finished the last few as singles.


  6. Matt Freake Says:

    Done a few workouts in Aruba so far. Let’s see…Did a partner WOD to start – one person does max ring dips while the other does 50 double unders, for five rounds. I did all five rounds of DUs unbroken and totaled 54 ring dips. Got at least 10 on all but one round, couldn’t have been happier with how that went. Next one was pretty much the same as one of Gil’s – 8 DB DLs (60lbs), 10 burpees, 15 k2es. I should have gone heaver on the DLs here but I never do them with dumbells so I wasn’t really sure what to use. Oh well, just meant I went faster. Burpees bother my knees a little, so I was basically doing a strict push-up every rep to avoid banging them on the ground. Guess that made up for the easy DLs! Finally I had to do Flight Simulator after doing so well on that first WOD. Did it in 12:11 which is a four minute PR. I really wanted sub-10, but I’ll cut myself some slack since I was jumping on concrete under the hot Aruban sun. Finally I have been working really hard on one of my most lacking skills – I’m pretty sure I PR’d on floating in the ocean for time yesterday.


    • Michele Says:

      Ocean float will definitely come in handy. Im impressed with all you guys doing wods in aruba. I would be lying on the beach doing double fist reverse curls.


  7. Joel Says:

    Worked out with the wife this morning, so I did the normal WOD. I didnt do the pull-ups because I was planning on doing the Comp WOD until Maggie said, “You’re doing this one with me, right?” I know whats good for me, so I grabbed the last med ball available, 30#, and hopped in on the WOD. Total time was 15mins. w/49 pushups. Good times!


  8. Matt T Says:

    5 sets singles each arm with 100#DB 1 set doubles
    Push Press: 135-175-205×8-190
    FS: 7+5+5+8


  9. Ryan C Says:

    Yesterday did the Snatch WOD: 3 round 10 one arm snatches 100lbs + 100m sprints 8:29

    Today i had to run a VO2 max test…basically you run on the treadmill nonstop…every 3 minutes the incline gets higher and the speed gets faster…You go until failure… Ruined me.

    Went to do front squats with 225, got through 12 and had to stop because i don’t want to hurt myself. No push presses today.


  10. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Snatches: 55lb dumbbell with the right arm, 45 with the left. Definite imbalance there.
    Push Press: 65, 75, 85. All unbroken.
    Front squat: First set was a set of 4, then did sets of 3 the rest of the time.

    Did a little muscle up practice, but didn’t get up there. Practiced a few kips for good measure.


  11. Lauren B Says:

    Snatches: 55lb with right arm, failed with left. 50 lb with left felt a lot easier as I went back to it….gotta work on technique.
    Push press: 95 lb
    Front squats: First set 10, then sets of 4 the rest of the way.

    Need to work on technique over the next couple weeks–still trying to muscle everything, which is frustrating! UGH!


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