Thursday 4.19.12



3 pos Power Snatch

establish your heaviest 3 in 3 sets

The 3 positions are:

The floor, above the knee, and mid thigh

those of you who are new to CFN will establish a heavy 3 hang power snatch. If you are not comfortable with the movement you will use this time to practice it.

“Dushi Kadushi”

100 thrusters@95/65

Each time you drop the bar you will do 4 knees to elbow. To be done at the time you drop the bar


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11 Comments on “Thursday 4.19.12”

  1. Jack H Says:

    Oh lemme just snatch dis here 100# dumbbell forty times . . .


  2. Bill Brown Says:

    My lower back is on FIRE after today. The snatch and thrusters tomorrow are going to be killer…Can’t wait!


  3. Michele Says:

    does it say anywhere that staci needs to have a partner for the 315# partner deadlift????


  4. Joe Says:

    Did yesterday’s:
    Row: 11:42
    Run: 7:16
    I feel like I did better on one versus the other, but my favorite part was dropping the sandbag and feeling like I was running on air for the first 50 yards or so.


  5. Bill Brown Says:

    Oh my god…that workout this morning was hands down the toughest I’ve done since I joined CFN. Finished it all in just over 20:00. Really excited that I did the entire thing w/ 95lbs. Thought I’d have to drop down the weight, but I got it done. Got thru 4 sets of 10, and then started to have to break it up into 8 here, 7 there, 4 here, 6 there.

    Overall, really excited about it.


  6. Matt T Says:

    Did yesterdays Comp:


  7. robyn Says:

    Hey Michele,
    Congrats on the muscle up, you made it look so simple. Any tips? Good luck with everything!


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