Wednesday 4.18.12


When bringing your knees down for the kip keep your hands pressed into the floor and pull your bellybutton in to stabilize your trunk. Your hands should be in front of your head kid of like a tripod to keep your balance and for maximum amout of drive through your arms.


When driving your legs up, don’t just think about kicking the ceiling. You must get full hip extension to ensure the most upward momentum as possible.  The harder you kick and extend your hip, the more momentum you will have. Onnce the hips and legs are extended, tighten your glutes, abd, and legs to stabilize your body.

power clean

establish your heaviest three

if you are new to CFN you will do hang power cleans

“green Iguana”

amrap 12

10 deadlifts@225/155

15 sit-ups


1. Pistols

accumulate 50(25 each leg) reps as fast as you can.. If you cannot do pistols, accumulate 50 sitting to the shortest box.

2. row 3000 meters

once finished grab a sandbag and run 800 meters, drop the bag at the half way mark and finish the rest. TThere is no rest between the row and run, so have your bag ready to go.

Competition team:

1. Pistols from above

2. team of 2

as a team

row 6000 meters

Broken up however you like.

once finished you will both run 800 meters. One of you will grab a sandbag. You may alternate holding the bag as many times as you would like while running. There is no rest between he row and run, so have your bag ready to go.

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19 Comments on “Wednesday 4.18.12”

  1. Ryan C. Says:

    Did anyone else read this and immediately think…”what the f*ck”

    Good thing Thursday is a rest day as i will not be able to move from my bed…legs = no bueno


  2. Joel Says:

    5:30 class was packed this am! I walked in late and was surprised to see more than 5 people in there!

    Did Comp team WOD with Nick: 20 pistols each leg. Row (1000M, 750Mx2, 500M each) and run total time 34mins. We did manage to break one of the seats on the rowers.


  3. Dan Alting Says:

    Comp WOD took 17:34 thought that seemed fast and on the drive to work realized I forgot the pistols.


  4. Nick C. Says:

    Team WOD with Joel which took about 34 minutes. The rowing was draining and fortunately when the seat came off it was during the transition from me to Joel. Huge props to Dan who flew through a 3k row on his own! Great music selection again by Rob. Love hearing EDM (electronic dance music) in the mornings!


  5. Joe Says:

    Did yesterday’s.
    125# on the snatches,
    I broke the muscle ups into 2+2 of C2B and dips
    155# on the push press.


  6. ryan c Says:

    Competition wod killed me …
    Row 10:53
    First 400m with 70Lb sandbag 4:00
    Second 400m about 1:30

    Total time 16:21


  7. Gilaad cohen Says:

    I love seeing this. You guys are awesome!! I did a few WODs here. the first one was 5,4,3,2,1,2,3,4,5 wall climbs. between each wall climb did 30 air squats. Second WOD was 5 rounds of 8 deadlifts with 100lb dbs, 10 burpees and 15 knee to elbow. Third was this morning. I did 10 sets of 10 ring dips and 10 ring rows with legs elevated.


  8. Jodie Says:

    Ok, had a go at one of my demons this am. Me and du have had a rather bad history. One time even sprained my foot. Today I decided to take on flight simulator. I made it up to 45 with only 2 redos but my forearms were starting to cramp so I made my way back down from there. Happy to say that FINALLY figured this du form thin out and did the back side unbroken! Even tho I didn’t make it to 50 I think this was a huge success!

    I wish I cud tell u how long it took but when I went tO check my time my iPhone said “temp to hot”. Not a great idea to leave it in the sun in Aruba. 😛


  9. Staci Ardison Says:

    did the regular wod (doing competitors tonight). 12 rounds + 9 deadlifts.


  10. Michele Says:

    did yesterdays competitors wod
    wod: 16:57 w/ 95# snatch and subbed chest 2 bars/dips for mu’s
    none of these movements are strong for me so this was really tough but a good one for me to do. basically a goat wod.
    push press: 140# for 2
    another muscle up today!!!


  11. Lauren B Says:

    Comp WOD tonight. Apparently flew through pistols…finished in 2:10
    Row was tough but completed in 11:10
    Run (total) was 5:45. I think I could have gone faster. Legs were tired.
    Total time- 19:05


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