Tuesday 4.17.12

Don’t forget to practice at least one skill during your warm-up

pull-ups, dbl-unders, handstands…….etc

bench press



Max reps@85%of90%1rm


run 400 meters

15 burpee box jumps@24/20

rest 3 min

repeat 2 more times


1. 3 rounds

7 power snatch@135/95

7 muscle-ups

Scale for muscle-ups: for each muscle-up do 2 c2b pull-ups and 2 ring dips

2. push-press

establish your heaviest 2 in 6 min.

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17 Comments on “Tuesday 4.17.12”

  1. Ryan C Says:

    Comp WOD: 9:18…half way through some girl started doing good mornings right under my rings soo that cost me some time

    Push Press 195X2 (15lb PR)


    • Jack H Says:

      Gotta watch out for absent minded gym-goers, the hockey/lax bros always post up right on my boxes or in front of my pillar for hspu


  2. Nick C. Says:

    comp WOD- 9:30rx
    push press- 195×2


  3. Joel Says:

    Did a little skill work before the WOD. Blasted the pecks with a little bench press. Not really a skill, but I’ve got little pecks.

    Comp WOD: Did MU’s for the first time in a WOD. Got six in the first round, then subbed in the pullups and dips. Total time: 16:18 @115# snatch. Wanted to give myself a chance on the MU’s.

    Push Press – 162×2


  4. Jodie Says:

    Hey everyone,

    Just want u to know we r not slacking here in aruba! This am I set my alarm early and did modified “Mary”. 5 hspu, 10 pistols, 15 ring rows (Gil made me squeeze like to pull for mu…thanks Gil) for 5 rounds. Hard!

    Yesterday I did 400 m sprints, 30 step ups w 20 lb db for 6 rounds.

    Day before I did 50 air squats, 50 du for 4 rounds poolside. That’s sucked!!!!

    I’m trying to focus on as many weaknesses as I can while here.

    Miss everyone lots!!!



  5. Gilaad cohen Says:

    AWESOME job today so far guys. psyched to see everyone getting stronger.


  6. Matt T Says:

    Comp wod: 6:09 Ps just felt heavy after yesterday, did too many singles. Should have been sub 6 but failed on last muscle up. On positive note the 1st round was unbroken.
    Push Press: 240×2, just missed 2nd one on 250. After time ran out 260×1 Pr felt good, I would like to try more when fresh. Practiced some push jerks as well.
    Found some good motivation in watching Donny Shankle Jerk 521. Insane its on youtube. Makes me look forward to watching the summer olympics.
    Nice PR Ryan


  7. rrykowski Says:

    comp wod almost exploded my lungs in 6:52rx. didnt eat enough today and was so weak – only 205# on PP. next time…


  8. Staci Ardison Says:

    140 on the pp. got 145 once but couldnt get it for the second.

    workout was either 9 or 10 minutes, with banded muscleups, but i wasnt a fan of how i set the band up. will do it differently next time!


  9. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Not my best day. Did a few muscle ups in my warmup, but couldn’t even get one in the wod. I also had to drop the snatches down to 85 after the first round because 95 just wasn’t happening.

    Push press: 105 for 2. Not terrible.

    I guess not every day can be awesome. 😛


  10. Michele Says:

    did yesterdays comp wod

    squat cleans @ 161.5 (no failed attempts!)
    power clean/front squat wod: 8:53rx

    did a little muscle up transition practice then got my first muscle up on the first attempt! i’m glad i videotaped it cause no one was there. but i’m also glad no one was there cause i started jumping around like a little school girl immediately afterward.


  11. Chad Wheaton Says:

    Hey Matt, check out this video on youtube


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