Monday 4.16.12


Back Squat

4 sets of 2@90%1rm

<;p style="text-align:center;"If you haven’t set your 1rm, find it today

“Fight gone awry”

one min amrap of each movement x 3

row for calories

wall balls@20/13


you will rest :30 sec between each movement with a 1 min rest after each round


1. Skill practice

take 8 min and practice something that needs work

2. Squat Clean

5 sets of 1@95%1rm

3. 4 rounds@155/105

10 power cleans

10 front squats

Sorry if this post is a bit off. I’m not really that great with html

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10 Comments on “Monday 4.16.12”

  1. Matt T Says:

    Awesome to see such a big crowd in the am. Been months since I’ve done squat cleans and felt pretty good. no 95% The reps I got- 245-250-250-250-252
    The wod felt like I was in slow motion today 9:09
    Loving all the squatting again
    Way to go Nick on the Clean PR-


  2. Nick C. Says:

    squat clean- 205-220-220-225-230(f)-230(f)-230(pr)
    form didnt feel great but I was happy to be able to stand up on my 3rd try with 230.
    WOD- 8:41 . . . those squats felt so heavy from the start


  3. Gilaad cohen Says:

    Awesome job guys. Matt, glad you felt good on the squats. Don’t worry, you’ll be back where you were soon. Nick, awesome job on the PR man.


  4. rrykowski Says:

    lots of fearless new comers in the am – very cool!

    comp wod – just practiced front squats the whole time to work on my front rack. collar bone couldn’t take the impact of cleans. really long warmup ending at 265#, then unbroken sets of 10: 155,155,155,155,155,135. making progress.


  5. ryan c Says:

    Had a really bad day today..

    Squat clean 205 215 225 225 225(lifetime Max) tried 230 a bunch of times. The clean was super light but the squat was so close too my Max.

    Did 3 rounds of the workout almost completely pain free… Knee started to hurt during 3rd round of front squats so I cut it short. .. 627


  6. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Started off with some hugely successful muscle up practice. Out of 7 attempts, I only missed attempts #2 and #6. Finally getting the hang of this. 😀

    Squat clean: 115, 125, 135, 135, 135. Felt good.

    Wod: 12:40. Slower than I’d have liked, but I got through it.


  7. Staci Ardison Says:

    so i did squat clean and jerks…
    135,145,155, missed 165 badly and it landed on my hand funny, so dropped the weight back down and did a bunch at 145 and 150. i dont know how many. probably too many 🙂

    17:58, but did 115lbs instead of 105 and 5 rounds. the whole thing felt slow, the last round the worst, probably a good 4-5 minutes.


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