Saturday 4.14.12

Gymnastics practice

accumulate :90 sec in an L-Sit

accumulate 40 hollow rocks


amrap 15

30 mountain climbers

20 overhead lunge@45/25

10 toes to bar


amrap 15

7 snatch@115/80

run 100 meters with a sandbag

1 rope climb

Competition team:

2 athletes on a team on a team

1. snatch

75 power snatches@115/75

2. sandbag run

200 meters x 10, 5 each athlete(men 50 lb sandbag/women 20lb med ball)

alternating athletes, one will go while the other rests. If there’s an odd number of you and you need to adjust the rounds/reps, do so

3. rope climb

amrap 5 min


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6 Comments on “Saturday 4.14.12”

  1. rrykowski Says:

    great team wod with ryan – did squat snatches instead of pwr snatches. ready for rest.


  2. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Team wod with Staci. Finished in 34:17. The run was by far the worst part of that.


  3. Nick C Says:

    Team WOD with Lauren. Finished around 28 minutes. The nice weather (and the rest) made the sandbag runs almost enjoyable. Thanks to Ryan, Michele and Grayson for the push during the snatches.


  4. Dan Says:

    Did the individual competitive WOD subbing 3 c2b pull ups for rope climbs. Got 6 rounds exactly.


  5. Lauren B Says:

    WOD was good. Like Nick said, thanks to the team for help with the snatches. My form is getting much better and snatches are more efficient. Loved hearing Grayson screaming at us…AWESOME atmosphere. Run was good- think I still have sand on my arms after 2 showers. Rope climbs were great. .. definitely getting easier. GO CFN!!!


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