Thursday 4.12.12

Thanks for your patience guys

Here are the winners of the Paleo challenge

1st place Kim T

2nd place Rob R

A very close 3rd Amanda F

All three have gotten much stronger and fitter since they started. Kim and Amanda as new as they are took on sectionals and impressed me quite a bit with how well they did.  Rob is on the CFN competition team and going to regionals.  Aside from them being       committed athletes, they are great motivators and AWESOME people. Great job guys!!

“It’s all you bro”

Hang power clean

5 x 5

work up to your heavies 5

“broken mile…and”

800 x 1

rest 3 min

400 x 2

rest 2 min between

200 x 2

rest 1 min between


Rest today




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10 Comments on “Thursday 4.12.12”

  1. Jack H Says:



  2. Seth Says:

    Hot Dog! My first picture on the CFN page.


  3. Dan Alting Says:

    Did a variation of Tuesdays
    2 rounds
    Run 400
    25 Toes 2 bar
    50 KB swings with 70 lb bell

    Clock reset on me but took around 12 mins


  4. Amanda Says:

    A posted WOD that I could do in a hotel gym! 800m about 8:15 pace, 400M; 7:50 pace for both, 200M; 7:00 pace for each.
    BTW- I would like to see the point break down between Rob and I. 🙂
    Kim- Congrats!!!


  5. Nick C Says:

    Congrats Kim, Rob and Amanda on winning the paleo challenge!


  6. Staci Ardison Says:

    congrats kim, rob, and amanda!

    today i am resting, as prescribed.


  7. Ryan C Says:

    Did yesterday’s Comp WOD 9:47 including the double unders
    OHSquat felt very light going up and down, just hurts the wrist….need to do more OHS squats to get my wrist used to it!!


    • Ryan C Says:

      Also i got suckered in too doing a pushup challenge
      -Shoulder press (no weight just pushing the air
      Couldn’t go unbroken….muchh muchh harder then i could of even imagined…woof


  8. Michele Says:

    did yesterdays competitiors wod. 10:35rx including the double unders. ohs went unbroken. pullups were a different story. blew through the first 100 double unders. 2nd 100 double unders were by far the worst part of this wod. breathing heavy and forearms burning. they were torture.


  9. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Supposed to be a rest day for me. However, 6 very large racks full of computer equipment showed up at work today. Each one weighs about 2000lb. They needed to be wheeled up to our server room from the loading dock. So, I got to pushing with a few other coworkers I roped into helping me. I guess it sort of counts as a sled push. 😉


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