Tuesday 4.10.12

Mike, Ryan, Marthe, Maca, Staci(in the back….Squatting. Surprise)


max reps x 2

rest 3 min between sets

“strike that…Reverse it”

run 400 meters

50 wall balls@20/14

50 kb swings@1.5/1

rest 3 min

50 kb swings

50 wall balls

run 400


1. turkish get up

you have 10 min to establish your heaviest 3 on on each side.

2. bench press

max rep bench press@75% x 3 sets

rest 3 min between sets

3. row 

2 min max effort

This should be an all out effort. Give it all you’ve got.

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12 Comments on “Tuesday 4.10.12”

  1. Staci Ardison Says:

    me? squat? NEVER. 🙂


  2. Nick C. Says:

    man turkish get ups are tough . . . worked up to 1.5 pd kb on both arms. Had some serious stabilization issues with my left arm. Going to be adding these to the list of things to practice for sure!
    max reps bench with 200#- 11, 9, 6
    max row in 2 mins- 580 meters = weak sauce


  3. Joe Says:

    Turkish get ups: 25, 35, 40, 45.
    Bench: 135# for 15, 10, 6
    Row: 588M

    Fun day!


    • Jodie Cohen Says:

      Man, Joe, you are FAST on the rower!!! 🙂

      well done!


      • Joe Says:

        I changed the damper setting to 6, but got a little winded at the end. I plan on trying 5 next time. There was a good article on the main site about how different settings play to different athletes. I find at 4 that I’m focusing more on keeping the speed up versus getting a hard pull. The article suggested changing the damper setting to fix that. At six, I felt I couldn’t pull hard enough to increase my pace during the last minute, so I’ll try 5.

  4. Mike C Says:

    TGU: 30/40/45/50
    BP: 16/12/6 @155
    Row: 545m


  5. Matt T Says:

    Turkish Get ups: been around a year since I’ve done these. Got 2 each side with 80# Kb. Dropped down to 70#DB for 3 on each side. Great movement to work the whole body
    Bench: 251# 9-5-6 Last set used a bounce off the chest which helped.
    Row: 630 meters


  6. Amanda Says:

    Did the main WOD today. Gil is tricky throwing those runs in there. I have no idea what time I finished, I do know that second round of Wall Balls was ridiculous and I had to keep concetrating on getting deep enough into the squat.
    Great Job Morning Crew!


  7. Ryan C Says:

    TGU – 65lb barbell
    Bench – 185lbs x 14,12,10
    2 min Row – 650m
    That row got me bad….I don’t know how matt got that far…you are insane!!!!!!


  8. Staci Ardison Says:

    tgu – 35lb kettlebell, wow. rough.
    bench – 115 for 10, 7, 6
    row i did 3 250m sprints, 54, 53, 52


  9. Jen Says:

    Did the Main WOD today. It was a good one.
    WOD – 19:15, including the 3 minutes rest. Did the first half in 7:40 and the second half in 8:35. Wallballs in sets of 10, but tried to just pick it back up and keep going. I think the second round was definitely a bit slower. KB swings in sets of 25 each round.


  10. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Turkish Get Up: 30lb dumbbell. That was hard.
    Bench: 85 for 10, 7, 8
    Row: 507m. Came out strong but my legs were giving out by the end of it.

    I then did some muscle up practice (the rings and I are now officially fighting), and threw in a few handstand walks before I left for good measure. Managed at least 6-8 feet on my best walk.


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