Monday 4.9.12

Yeah, but your feet are against the wall

back squat



max reps@90%of90%1rm


amrap 10

5 push press@115/75

7 box jumps@24/20


You should be able to get this done within the hour.

1. power clean

@75%of1rm power clean

1 pc+1 hpc(above the knee)+1 hpc(from the pocket)x2x3

rest 1:30 between sets. If your grip is OK and your speed is good, go up in weight. concentrate on the drop, get those elbows up quick. 

2. Amrap 8

3 hspu

6 t2b

9 burpees

3. Deadlift

you have 6 min to establish your heaviest 2 reps



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14 Comments on “Monday 4.9.12”

  1. Shu-Yee Says:

    yeah I can do that, too! (All Chinese kids learn that trick in Kong Fu School!)


  2. Gilaad cohen Says:

    That’s what I heard. I also heard you learn how to drive at a very young age as well 🙂


  3. Joe Says:

    145, 150, 155 on the clean complex
    4+3 on the AMRAP with 1 wall walk as a HSPU sub
    355# heavy 2 for DL.


  4. Nick C Says:

    Clean complex- 160, 165, 170 all unbroken
    WOD- 6+17 hspu killed me
    DL heavy 2- 355


  5. Mike C Says:

    Clean complex – 155/155/155
    WOD – 5+15
    DL – 355


  6. Joel Says:

    Clean Complex: 160×3
    WOD: 5+2 – HSPU were a problem today. I wanted to do them strict. I kept falling off the wall, which wasted time.
    DL: 337


  7. Matt T Says:

    Clean Complex-210/210/210 missed 2nd set in the pocket. Did another set @190
    WOD-6 rounds HSPU were a problem as well. Toe to bars felt good
    Heavy 2 deadlift 430
    Worked on some HSPU and did some sets behind the neck push press 155×5,155×5,185×5


  8. Ryan C Says:

    Clean Complex 185 – 195 – 205
    Comp WOD 7+1 (burpees are awful
    Deadlifts – 385 I think i had more in me but 405 was my max ever when fully rested and my back felt a little iffyy


  9. Staci Ardison Says:

    cleans – did a few at 95, then the 3×2 at 105, then failed at 110.
    heavy 2 deadlift: 355
    wod: 5. I think. I also did 10 burpees every round by accident and had to wait an entire minute halfway through on the HSPU.


  10. Jodie Says:

    Since I’m great at pwr cleans and dropping under is really my issue I decided to do these w full squat cleans and I have to say by the end I was quite impressed w myself. I really had to drop fast to full squat clean it! Just the practice I needed. 95, 95, 95

    Did wod with jeff from hybrid athletics. Fun to chase him (although it wasn’t much of a race). I got 4 plus 11. Hspu were slow.

    Dl: 255 for 2! I’m thrilled with that!!!! Finally getting my dl strength back. 🙂


  11. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Clean complex: 95, 105, 105. Felt pretty awesome.
    Wod: 5 + 12. T2b were a little slower than I’d liked, but I’m happy with that.
    DL: 265 for 2. 😀


  12. rrykowski Says:

    cleans unbroken at 195#, wod 5+2 45#plates/red mat. deadlift: 455# for 2.


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