Friday 4.6.12


Turkish get-up

3 sets of 3

go as heavy as possible

“Joyful Depression”

4 rounds

run 400 meters

30 squats with a plate 45/25

15 hr push-ups


1. Power Snatch

2- 2- 2- 2- 2@90%1rm

Concentrate on getting under the bar quickly and punching the ceiling. Stay active in the shoulders. Pull the shoulder blades together as you transition to the catch.

Go down in weight if you need to.

2. upper back stability exercise

rhomboids and trap

3. Squat Clean

1- 1- 1- 1- 1@95%1rm

 Drive your feet through the floor, Get behind the bar and drop. Again, concentrate on getting under the bar quickly. The moment you feel the momentum start to pick you up of the floor, drop. Concentrate on driving your feet through the floor as you front squat. 

4. Bent row

8 – 8 – 8 – 8



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14 Comments on “Friday 4.6.12”

  1. SACKrifice Says:

    wow, WOW, WOW! Tons of Energy and Funness (not sure if that is a word but we will use it) at the 530AM Class!

    Everyone who completed the daily WOD at 530 and 630, way to be AWESOME! Running around the streets at the hour takes a special person! Which is why we are all AWESOME in the AM classes! PM classes are cool too but the AM… WOW!

    Competition WOD – Great job! That was a LONG mental challenge to just keep going! Heavy weight is always fun!

    Joel, please fix your attitude in the AM. You where kinda a downer today and making fun of my phone was not a good way to become my BFFL (Best Friend For Life).


  2. Nick C. Says:

    snatch x 2- 3 sets at 135, 2 sets at 140
    clean x 1- 1 set at 205, 4 sets at 215
    clean form was not great but I was happy not to fail on any
    bent row x 8- 4 sets at 135
    practiced soem butterfly pullups afterwards


  3. Dan Alting Says:

    Snatch – 2 @ 140, 3 @ 145

    Squat Clean – 5 @ 185

    Bent Row – First 2 sets at 185 form was terrible so dropped to 135 for the last 2


  4. Joel Says:

    Grayson, the only thing that needs fixing is that phone. I wanted to see that video and your phone let me down.

    Comp WOD: Snatch 3x2x135, 1x2x135. Pwr Cleans: Failed twice at 215 at the beginning. 3x1x205, 1x1x210, 1x1x215. Rhomboids: 2x10x10# each side. Bent Rows: wanted good form – 4x8x135.


  5. Mike C Says:

    Snatches @ 135#
    Power Cleans @ 185#
    Bent Rows 135,155,175,205


  6. Michele Says:

    Power snatches @ 100
    Squat cleans @ 160
    Threw a short wod in after the cleans
    Wod: 5-4-3-2-1 front squats @ 135 and hspu
    Bent rows @ 85 probably should have gone heavier
    A little muscle up practice at the end


  7. Jodie Says:

    Today was first time I felt solid in the split snatch. I was able to finally get the drop and stopped push pressing it!
    95, 95, 100, 100, 105. If I pp’d it, I did it over! 🙂

    Pwr clean 135, 145, 147, 147, 147. Still having an issue muscling it up and not dropping under it.

    Rows at 65…I didn’t like those one bit! All my postural issues in my face!

    Soooooo…. Happy that Lauren came in after her softball game to do this wod w me. Thanks for the pep talks coach!


  8. Jen Says:

    Did Tuesday’s work out
    Bench – 80, 80, 80, 85, 90 (had to break the lst set up 3+2)

    KBS – 29, 30, 29
    Rope climb – 1, 1.5, 1 (this may be a new April skill to work on)
    DUs – 80, 76, 72

    Worked on toe to bars after.


  9. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Today was a half good/half bad day. Feeling really sluggish.

    Snatches: 65, 85, 95, 85, 85. Missed 95 on the 4th set so I dropped back down to 85 then went back up. Snatch form was kind of terrible, too.

    Squat cleans: 115, 125, 135, 135, 140. These felt much better, though my pull could have been a lot faster.

    Bent rows at 65. Ouch.


  10. Ryan C Says:

    Todays Comp Wod:
    Power Snatch: 145, 155, 155, 160, 165×2 singles back to back
    Power Clean: 225,225,225,225,225 (worked on not letting my feet drop out so wide)
    Bent Row: 145,155,165,175 (worked on not using any momentum to get up the weight, just strict arms and back)

    Knees are starting to feel better…barely any pain today


  11. Ryan T Says:

    Just destroyed a brownie Sunday after today’s WOD…that’s on the paleo diet right???


  12. Matt T Says:

    Comp: Couldnt get my percentages today so droped down
    Power Clean 250 for all sets
    Ran out of time for bent rows had to get to work.


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