Saturday 3.31.12

Staci A did a 160lb overhead squat last night.  Didn’t get a pic of the 160, but we did get the 150.

Makin’ 150lb look easy

Team WOD

Teams of four

amrap 20

20 kb swings 53/35

15 toes 2 bar

40 lateral paralette hops

20 renegade rows

Each athlete will start at a different station and rotate to the next only when all 4 athletes have completed the prescribed reps.

We’ll figure out the weight for the rows when you get here.


Complete the rest of your two day program

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5 Comments on “Saturday 3.31.12”

  1. Nick C Says:

    Clean and jerk- 155-175-195-215
    Cleaned 225 and then failed the jerk, which was more of a push/strict press
    WOD- 7:14. Did squat clean thrusters as singles and then muscle ups 6/2/1, 2/2/2, 1/1/1.


  2. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Clean and jerk – worked up to 125. Cleaned 135 no problem, but failed the jerk twice.

    Wod: 32:11 with banded muscle ups. Each round I attempted a real muscle up twice, then went to the band. That was HARD.

    Row: Averaged about 1:11 each row.


  3. Jen Says:

    Snatch – worked up to 90 and then form started to get quite sloppy so I stopped.
    Clean and jerk – worked up to 115 which felt pretty good. Again form started to go with the heavier weight. Cleaned 120 but failed the jerk twice. Happy with this since last year at this time I got one squat clean at 115 during the games, didn’t even come close on the jerk.
    OHS – 85-95-105-105-105, the 105 was fairly easy, but failed getting 115 and then 110 overhead.

    Just a tired saturday overall. Had no motivation to do the thruster/MU work out after watching Jodie and heather work through it!! Nice work guys!


  4. Mr.T Says:

    Hit this early am
    Rows 59.4,59.o,58.4,58.8
    C+J went pretty awful, got 225, many failed attempts at the jerk at 250. By the time I dropped to 240 too spent to even attempt jerk. My split jerk needs some serious work. Not even near my old PR weight. All Power cleans today. Watching Rob Orlando do grace with 300 pounds is just insane. Check it out on


  5. Jodie Says:

    This day strarted out pretty darn great. PRd my c&j to get 150. Tried to clean 155 but cud not get under it today. Then I began what seemed like a relatively easy wod on paper. Squat clean thrusters were pwr clean thrusters and felt SO heavy. Those then ruined me for the mu! I’m proud to say I did every mu from full lockout and many w the turnout but alas, they were very VERY slow.

    39:32 rx. :(. Not my finest hour.


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