Tuesday 3.27.1

Molly Metz. 10 min. double under challenge. She looks the same in the beginning as she does at the end.



“Bubblegum and Body Armour”

3 rounds

run 400 meters

30 kb swings@53/35

20 box jumps@24/20


1. choose a skill and practice for 10 min

muscle-ups, pistols, snatch, dbl-unders

2. you will go through the following 3 movements, 4 times, resting 4 min. after each round.  There is no rest between movements.

A. Deadlift

max reps in 1 min@245/165.

B. Push-press


scale up if you feel particularly good

C. Rope climb

3 accents touch and go

D. Run

200 meters

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10 Comments on “Tuesday 3.27.1”

  1. SACKrifice Says:

    Todays wod… sum it up really fast… WOW!!!!

    Comp WOD
    DL – 25 , 18 , 18, 18 (felt good should have rep out a few more every round)
    Push Press – Sets of 5 (No complaints… I should have pushed harder and just done these unbroken)
    Rope – Only missed ONCE!!!! I am just happy nobody saw me miss.

    The RUN! OMG! The second we open that door and hit the 25 degree air… thats when I had an idea that 200meters was going to be rough.

    After EVERYTHING i just said… 530AM did an AWESOME job… We all kept everyone moving!


    • Ryan C Says:

      Do you know how long this takes… i feel like its going to be prettyyy longg


    • Staci Ardison Says:

      grayson i would just like to let you know when i realized it was 4:45 and i hadn’t gone to bed yet I ALMOST stayed up to go to the 5:30 class – but decided to go to bed instead. 🙂


  2. Nick C Says:

    PP- all unbroken
    rope climbs- no fun
    run- cold as ice

    This is a good one and it takes about a half hour. Remember to wear long socks. They will help during the rope climbs and also help keep you warm on the run.


  3. Ryan C Says:

    This was awful
    WOD: 26:59
    Deadlifts: 25, 22, 19, 20
    PP: 3 rounds unbroken, 4th round faster to break up into tow sets of 5
    Rope climbs: Tape and wore socks on top…still hurt the ankle (damn skinny ropes)
    Run: i felt like stuff was going to come out both ends… good thing for the restt


    • rrykowski Says:

      i agree – one of gil’s most punishing to date. deads 22,16,20,20, pp unbroken, did max muscle ups in 2 min for paleo challenge before hand – got 18, which is +2. not bad considering yesterdays bench press.


  4. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I was going to do some muscle up practice after this wod, but I think it sucked every last bit of energy out of me. Glad I got some banded practice in beforehand.

    Deadlifts: 16,12,11,10
    PP: This was heavy, and a struggle. Did stets of 5 for the most part.
    Rope climbs: Yep. Would have been better with different shoes.
    Running: Not nearly as cold as it was this morning. 😉


  5. jodie cohen Says:

    ok, that was HARD…especially after those freaking touch and go cleans yesterday!!!

    DL 13, 13, 13, 13 (those were WAY slow, but consistent)
    PP first round I dropped at 7, rest were unbroken
    rope climbs were fast and ON POINT! reached the top on 3 every time.
    Running was….well, running! 😦

    Didn’t track my time each round….was to tired to write!

    Fun wod….FINALLY!!!!!


  6. Michele Says:

    deadlift: 21, 22, 21, 19
    unbroken push press
    i think all my rounds were somewhere between 5-6 minutes. the deadlift just killed me for the rest of each round.


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