Monday 3.26.12

CrossFit Newton is going to regionals!!!!

Amanda, Dan, Fred, Grayson, Heather, Jack, Jay Y, Jay W, Jenn, Joel, Joe, Joy, Ken, Kim, Lauren, Matt T, Michele, Mike C, Mike P, Nick, Raffaele, Rob, Ryan, Seth, Shu-Yee, Jodie, and Staci.

Thank you to all the athletes who competed in the open. You are all part of the reason we made it. Whether you were on the leader board or not. The one thing that comes to mind when I think of the athletes at CFN is heart. During the opens this came out the most in all of you. It was amazing to see. As a coach I am lucky to have people like you all as part of  the CFN community. This is what makes CrossFit so great. Try and find that in any gym or personal training studio. You wont!  PERIOD!


7 min. amrap of burpees WTF!!!

If doing 7 min of burpees wasn’t enough, some of you chose to do the WOD 2 times (Jodie, Raffaele, Lauren, Jenn, Mike C). Two of you did it 3 times (Ryan and Staci, sick-o’s). Jodie did this for the second time at 7pm Sunday night just 7 more burpees getting us up from a 3 way tie for 31st place to 25th place.  Amanda came in at 8pm the night it came out and did it before she went away. I think she was the first one in the north east to do it. Dan came back from vacation, got off the plane, came right to CFN, and did the wod. That’s commitment. Raffaelle, who just joined CFN like a month prior to the open, came in the second time with two blood shot eyes from sparring the night before, and still KILLED himself to get 100 plus burpees!  Nick and Jack both smashed this one facing off against each other. Nick finished with 120 and Jack with 136.


Amrap 12min snatch ladder

This one was a doozie. Wish I could have done it, but the shoulder wouldn’t allow it.  A lot of you amazed me here. I would say the four MVP’s of  this one were Staci, Shu Yee, Kim and Rob.  Staci got 74 the first time she did it and then 2 days later did it again at CrossFit Center Mass and got 81. Staci taught Jodie the split snatch (who was tired power snatching 100lb after 3 reps prior to that)which helped her get 72 reps.  Both Shu-Yee and Kim had a max snatch of 75lb prior to this WOD and got multiple reps at 75lb (Kim got 23@75lb and Shu-Yee got 14@75lb. AWESOME!!) Rob, who hasn’t even been snatching for that long, ended up getting through 4 snatches@165. I also have to give a shout out to Jack who, weighing in at 159lb, got 13@165lb. BEAST!


Amrap 18min BJ/PP/T2B

All I have to say about this one is….YUCK!!!

Everyone really killed themselves on this one, but Ryan went above and beyond, essentially doing this WOD 3 times(two of which were in the same day) getting a full round more the final time. You all know the story. Jack and Michele completely killed this one. Jack getting just shy of 12 rounds and Michele 4 reps shy of 11 rounds. The engine these two athletes have is crazy. We can’t forget about jodie’s  +1 box jump…  Running from the pull-up bar, getting one box jump on the buzzer and falling to the ground when it was over.


amrap 12min WB/DU/MU

This one was a surprise transitioning from the WB to the DU.

I just have to say it was pretty amazing that Fred basically had to do 150 jumping wall balls to get the ball up to the 10′ mark. Unbelievable!!  I’m fairly certain that his legs have STILL not recovered from this one.


amrap 7min thruster/pull-up ladder

This one was just as shitty this year as it was last year.

First thing I have to talk about is everyone who couldn’t do chest to bar pull-ups or had ever done any in a WOD.

Joe Lind, who just got 9 consecutive REGULAR pull-ups, got a score of 44 with C2B pull-ups! Kim had never done chest to bar pull-ups before and ended up with a score of  55.  Amanda, Staci, Heather, Jenn, Lauren, and Shu-Yee were coming in for days after the the WOD was posted and practiced chest 2 bars til they got them.  Amanda almost got through the round of 12’s.  Lauren got thru 54 reps and she JUST started at CFN 1 month before and just learned regular pull-ups 2 weeks prior.  Jenn almost finished her 12th round and literally 2 DAYS BEFORE couldn’t get one C2B .  Staci ended up with 79 after doing this a second time with a sore bicep/brachialis and Heather got 73 with the entire gym screaming in her face.  Shu-Yee got into the 50’s. This is the heart I was talking about.

 Matt and Nick both did this WOD twice and did better the second time around (Matt actually puked afterwards and it was his birthday). Ryan chose to do this a third time after saying he thought he had quadricep tendonitis and got 113.  Again, Jack and Michele were the top scorers.

I’d like to thank a few people here.  Grayson, your weekly emails to the team were always inspirational and definitely helped keep everyone pumped up for the WODs.

Ken, thank you so much for documenting this journey for us.  I personally couldn’t WAIT to see the story unfold each week.  You poured your soul into these WODs and the videos.  I am truly grateful!

Joel and Joy, you attacked each WOD each week with a vengence.  You never complained about anything and were a force on the team.  Thank you both for smiling and just doing what you had to do to get the wod done.

Seth, Jay W, Jay Y, and Mike P all worked with injuries/sickness at some point during the opens.  Thank you for continuing to come and participate as much as you could, judge, or cheer on your fellow teammates.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you ALL so much for killing yourselves for the team these past 5 weeks. I am truly grateful.

For those of you moving on to regionals – we’ve got work to do!!!

~ Gil

OK, now onto todays WOD

Back Squats



max reps@90%of90%1rm

“Tequila Sunrise”

amrap 12

15 sdhp@75/55

15 push-press@75/55

15 air squats


1. power clean

10 – 10 – 10 – 10@70-75%1rm

concentrate on touch and go.

2. bench press

10 – 10 – 10

start at 75%of your 1rm

3. double unders

max in 2 min x 3 rounds

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8 Comments on “Monday 3.26.12”

  1. Jack H Says:

    I’m real fired up to start on regular programming tomorrow – even more fired up to finish the school year so I can spend the whole summer at CFN!


  2. SACKrifice Says:

    Comp WOD –

    Clean – 155 first set had some trouble with holding the bar but once I figured it out I was able to get everything unbroken

    Bench – 185 all unbroken

    Double unders

    Motivation was not there this morning. I was able to hit around 80 but just lost motivation.

    AM CRUSHED it again! Good to see the Canadian Flag there this morning!

    Nick thanks for the motivation with the cleans and bench!


  3. Nick C. Says:

    Great job by everyone who competed in the open WODs! I think we all pushed one another to truely perform at a higher level. Even those who did not compete helped the team through their support and encouragement over the past 5 weeks!

    pc- 155lb
    bench press- 185lb
    dbl unders – 141, 130, 140


  4. Ryan C Says:

    Power Clean – 165, 175, 185, 195
    Bench – 185, 185, 195
    Double Unders – 158, 166, 180 (makes no sense…) 2 min rest between


  5. Jenn Says:

    Power clean – 75, 80, 85, 85
    Bench – 65, 75, 75
    Double unders – 120, 145, 137 – 2 minute rest between sets


  6. jodie cohen Says:

    power clean 100, 105, 110…then I thought I was done, but Jenn reminded me that there were 4 rounds….dammit!, 110

    Bench – 115 (damn, that was heavy….never really did 10 reps of that before so went down until I get used to this bench press stuff), 95, 95

    du – HA! That was NOT happening the day after wod 12.5….struggled for 30 seconds then just put the rope away before I hurt someone….or myself! 😦


  7. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Power clean: 4 sets at 105.
    Bench: 3 sets at 75.
    Double unders: 103, 115, 102. Got 50 unbroken on the second set!! 😀

    This was an awesome day.


  8. rrykowski Says:

    did backsquats – 3 sets of 235×5, powercleans @255, bench @225, double unders, 80,80,80


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