Monday 3.19.12

Great job to all the CFN athletes who killed themselves on WOD 12.4.  It was a real tough one. There’s only one left. We’re sitting in 20th place right now. Let’s give it all we got for this last WOD and seal our spot at regionals.


Laura F 




max reps@85%of90%1rm

For those of you who are new to CFN, we will be finding your 1rm(the heaviest you can lift for 1 rep. Since this is a new movement your max will be the point you start to break in mechanics).

“empathetic sociopath”

amrap 15

run 200 meters

20 kettlebell swings@53/35


A.  1 snatch DL+1 snatch pull +1 power snatch

establish your heaviest power snatch

B. Power Snatch/Box Jump

of each movement complete 2 reps, then 4 reps, then , 6 reps, then 8, and so on until 12 min are up


box jump@30/24



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11 Comments on “Monday 3.19.12”

  1. Joel Says:

    Worked the snatch complex. Completed w/135. Gave 155 a try and failed twice.Comp WOD: Made it to 14 reps even.

    Where was the rest of the 530 crew?


  2. SACKrifice Says:


    Lets just say… I kinda screwed up the WOD this morning…

    Instead of going up by 2,4,6,8, etc… I went up by singles… I found this out at the very end… During the entire WOD I was getting more and more pissed at Joel… Every round it seemed like he was going faster and faster and just getting bigger and bigger numbers than me… I finally realized at the end I was the one who screwed up!

    Made it through 11 rounds plus 5.

    530AM class is getting HUGE!!! This is a trend I am starting to like!


  3. Matt T Says:

    Worked the Snatch complex up to 200. Hit some single PS up to 210


  4. Mike C Says:

    Snatch complex up to 145.
    Comp WOD – 14 even.


  5. jodie cohen Says:

    Did comp wod with staci this afternoon….fun times!

    snatch complex up to 105, but lower back was hurting from wod 12.4 yesterday….wanted to give myself a break.

    wod – almost finished the 16s, 4 reps shy, so 14 plus 28. Way to go staci finishing 16’s and starting the next round. you were killin’ it!

    great 12:30 class….10 ppl! lovin it!


  6. Ryan C Says:

    Today, i had to hold out on the wod because of my quads….
    Did a 10min AMRAP:
    250m run, 3 C2B pullups, 6 HRPU… 7 rounds on the dot. Tomorrow i will do the box jumps and the snatches


  7. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Snatch complex up to 95lb. Wasn’t about to go TOO heavy with that.

    Comp wod: 14 + 2. Happy with that considering I wasn’t pushing myself too much.


  8. Nick C. Says:

    Had the day off of work so I decided to try the 4pm class instead of 5:30am.
    snatch complex- 155lb, failed 2x and finally got it on the 3rd try. Thanks to Gil for the encouragement.
    WOD- 14 rounds plus 17 reps.


  9. Staci Ardison Says:

    Nice seeing all the new faces!

    Snatch complex – 105. Didn’t attempt any higher. Probably should have. 🙂

    Comp WOD: 16+3.

    Regular WOD: 5 and some in the 15 minutes and then finished the 6th round.

    My quads feel awesome.


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