Monday 3.12.12

Team CFN killed themselves last week on WOD 12.3. I am really proud of everyone. Whether you hit your goal or not, you left it all out on the floor. Not one of you can say you didn’t.

OK, so Ryan got 9+13 his first time around. He’s been beating himself up since Thursday afternoon. He came in Sunday morning to do it and quit after 4 1/2 round saying his body was shutting down. I felt horrible for him. He was facebook messaging me all day saying how bad he felt that he didn’t get more. Suddenly at 7pm he says,”I wanna redo the WOD, can I ask Michele to judge me?” Knowing there was no time to wast, I told him I would go meet him. On the way there I called Jack to tell him that Ryan was going to redo the WOD. Jack got there at 1/2 passed and Ryan pretty much started the WOD a few minutes later. He said he didn’t want any music. It was just Jack and my vice he was hearing. We were pretty calm till about the last 3 minutes. The we started yelling at him to GET BACK ON THE BOX!!PICK UP THE BAR!! GET ON THE BAR!! NO TIME TO WAST RYAN!! Once the WOD was over and Ryan was heaving and about to vomit we told him he had finished 10 rounds plus 17 reps. I was amazed at his will and heart. Unbelivable!!!!!

Inspired yet again by my CFN athletes. You all have so much heart. I’m close to tears as I sit here writing this. THANK YOU EVERYONE.

 CrossFit Newton is sitting in 17th place. We have two weeks left. Let’s kill this next WOD guys. 

You’re welcome Staci


establish a 1RM

“Jumping Helen”

3 rounds

run 400 meters

21 kb swings@53/35

12 burpee box jumps@24/20


1. ring dips

3 sets of 10-20M/6-10W

2. “Pick it up and Run”

3 rounds

run 400 meters

15 deadlifts@225/155 

10 wall balls for height 20/14

Jump off the floor to get max height.  Allow the ball to drop after each toss.

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12 Comments on “Monday 3.12.12”

  1. amy Says:

    Ryan is a flippin BEAST!!!! 😀 way to rock it! And I concur with Gil’s sentiments for all y’all! I’m so proud to be a part of such an awesomely madtastic box and can’t imagine my life without you!!!! 😀

    ps, felt good to kick off the week w my favorite 5:30am crew and an almost Rx wod.


  2. Pete S. Says:

    Great crowd in the box this morning at 5:30 and 6:30!

    Huge physical and mental PR for me today. In May I injured my back (stupidly) doing heavy deadlifts in a WOD. In August I was ready to quit Crossfitting due to lingering back issues, elbow tendonitis, and mental darkness. This morning I crushed my old deadlift 1RM (from a year ago) with 415. And sailed past the 2X bodyweight mark. Thanks to Gil’s coaching, Amy’s therapy, slow and steady work since September, and lots of Wendler I am at a new Crossfit high. I guess I’m smart enough to know it won’t last, but I sure am enjoying it right now!

    I cruised through the WOD in 15:02 without even thinking about it because I was so psyched about the deadlift PR.


  3. SACKrifice Says:

    13:03 or 13:05… Drawing a blank on my time right now. Left my diary in my Jeep.

    Dips felt strong. Dips are WICKED tough for me every since I hurt my trap.

    The WOD was awesome! Another one of the see Nick run really fast while Joel and I try and keep up.

    AM crew is def having an AWESOME showing lately… PM crew better watch out!!!


  4. Amanda Says:

    Nice Job 5:30 am crew! The 6:30 crew was also rocking it!
    I also want to say how impressed I am by everyone on 12.3. Amazing job! It is humbling and inspiring to be around such great athletes!
    I redid Christine today as part of the Paleo benchmarks- AND PRed by 2:32 from 2 months ago.


  5. Fred Says:

    Maxed out on Deadlift today at 315#. Failed at 330#. Ring dips felt good.

    WOD was 14:07 rx. It was actually fun trying to shoot the wall ball as high as I could,


  6. Nick C Says:

    Amazing effort by Ryan and a great job by team CFN!
    WOD- 12:08 but on rounds 1 and 2 I am pretty sure I only did 10 deadlifts.
    Did 3×5 muscle ups along with some extra deads afterwards to make up for the missed reps.


  7. Joel Says:

    13:50 on the Comp WOD. 11,10 & 10 on the dips. 530am felt like 430am today…


  8. Jen Says:

    14:49 comp WOD with 155# DL

    Did negatives for ring dips.


  9. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I did max deadlift today. My last max around the holidays was 275. Today, I managed 295, and had 300 ALMOST up, but lost my footing and had to drop it. I tried again but my muscles were too tired and the bar wouldn’t move.

    Competitor’s wod: 16:31 rx. Was a bit slower than I’d liked, but overall pretty happy with that.


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