Thursday 3.8.12

Rob + Jodie

Bench Press



max reps@90%of90%1rm

“Transient amnesia”

15 sdhp@95/65

run 200 meters

12 sdhp@95/65

run 200 meters

9 sdhp@95/65

run 200 meters

12 sdhp@95/65

run 200 meters

15 sdhp@95/65


Rest today

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7 Comments on “Thursday 3.8.12”

  1. Dan Alting Says:

    Bench 3 @ 145, 3 @ 170, 7 @ 190

    Did a 9 min casual walk through of 12.3 and almost got through 3 rounds in 9 mins


  2. Jack H Says:

    As my break approaches (tomorrow #booyah) – I was thinking about crossfit in English class – this happens often. I then got to thinking – CFN is the best gym around, but why? The obvious answers are the incredible people, the positive attitude, the intensity of the atmosphere etc. And I’m not trying to diminish these ideas at all by just listing them off like that – but I wanted to draw attention to a key feature of the gym that is often overlooked. Programming. Everyone has made massive gains in strength,stamina, speed, accuracy and the other 6 domains of fitness. I believe this is largely in part to the fact that Gil and Jodie program in a way that no other gym that I know of does. The programming consists of TWO separate strength, metcon and skill combinations every single day. I have programmed before and it is difficult enough going day by day, just programming one workout, but two is really going above and beyond. This indicates a true appreciation and care for the athletes at CFN, and I would like to appreciate the hard work Gil and Jodie put in, just as they appreciate all of us.

    Now let’s kill 12.3 and get to regionals


    • jodie Says:


      I wish i could take credit for the programming, but that is all Gil! He bounces ideas off of me, but it all comes from his brain. He truly cares deeply about the strength, speed, agility, and performance of every athlete in here. He works tirelessly to bring out the inner beast in everyone! I appreciate him greatly. I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for his master programming and gentle, but consistent coaching.

      CFN is going to CLEAN HOUSE on wod 3…..let’s DO THIS and MAKE IT TO REGIONALS!!!!

      xo, Jodie


  3. Joe Says:

    I did a 9min half WOD with Dan. I was on my 9th T2B of the 2nd round when time hit. It was good to practice T2B which is a new skill for me.

    Fred did a great job going through all 18 minutes of it.


  4. Fred Says:

    6 plus 4 reps. Demoralizing, but I have not been able to get much sleep in the last 2 weeks and not eating nearly enough. Stress levels are crushing me. I can’t believe life is getting in the way of this competition : )

    No time to do it again. Good luck everyone.


  5. Seth Says:

    5 plus (I’m not down with the lingo and how to quantify missing my 6th full round by 2 reps of toes to bar). I’m not pleased. This WOD kicked my ass more than any WOD I’ve done so far. I just couldn’t get those last two–even with everyone rooting me know. Don’t know if it’s just early in my CrossFit career and my muscle endurance sucks. Don’t know if it’s because teaching high schoolers is inherently exhausting. Maybe both? Regardless, I wish I had another chance to go at it. Good luck all.


  6. Seth Says:

    **the above comment refers to 12.3


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