Monday 3.5.12

Great job by all competitors last week on WOD 12.2

Thank you Matt, Staci and Michele for doing the WOD for a second time.

To all my CFN athletes

You know as a coach it is a really emotional thing for me to watch all of my athletes perform. I am there with you through every WOD, every rep, and every breath. No matter how disappointed you are in yourself I am never disappointed in you. Watching all of you put your heart and soul into every workout. Exhausting your muscles to the point that there’s nothing left to do but drop to the floor. Your joy and pain is felt by me like a parent to their child. Coaching and programming for all of you and seeing you all progress is one of the most emotionally fulfilling things for me. 

Thank you,

Gil ~

Corey Lang deadlifts 510 lb at his first weightlifting comp. At a bodyweight of 183 lb that’s good enough for 1st place.

back squat


3@80%of 90%1rm

max reps@90%of90%1rm


amrap 10

5 power clean@135/95

10 box jumps@24/20


1. rack hold

for :30 sec hold a very heavy rack

warm-up to 120% of your 1rm front squat and start your 3 sets there. Go up in weight if you can.

do this 3 x

2. 3 rounds

run 400

50 double unders

25 burpees

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7 Comments on “Monday 3.5.12”

  1. SACKrifice Says:

    Comp WOD – 15:39

    This wod got pretty brutal pretty fast… Every time I made it to the burpees I just lost all my motiviation. I kept trying to catch my breath but WOW did it got tough fast. The only good part about this wod was the double unders. EVERYONE have a blast with this one.

    Front Squat Hold – 385 – This got pretty tough on the last round.


  2. Joel Says:

    Comp WOD: 16:31. A little chilly this am for a run, but nonetheless a good lung burner!

    Front squat hold: 315×2.


    • Joel Says:

      Woops – FS Hold was 315, then 335. It bothered my weird collarbone growth, so I only did two sets.


  3. Tiffany Says:

    Back squats: 100×3, 110×3, 125×21 (and then Gil told me that was enough.. :))
    “Stuck” @ 80#: 9 rounds + 1


  4. Nick C Says:

    front rack hold- 295, 315, 335
    comp WOD- 12:36. Really cold and windy this morning. Burpees brought back some unpleasant memories from 12.1!


  5. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Front rack hold: 205, 215, 225. Felt really good and really stable.

    Wod: 18:04. I felt a bit slower than I wanted to be, but overall it felt good and I was pretty happy with that. Double unders were better than average, and burpees were… well.. burpees. 😛


  6. Asian Jay Says:

    Comp wod 15:19 my feelings for burpees haven’t changed. Too soon.
    Front rack 225, 275, 295 harder than I anticipated.


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