Tuesday 2.28.12

Jack Hile does 136 reps on WOD 12.1

“Silent Jackhammer”

3 rounds

 run 400

30 kb swings@53/35

30 box jumps@24/20


Row and Run 

row 2k

rest exactly 5 min

run 1 mile

These are for time….So push it!!

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9 Comments on “Tuesday 2.28.12”

  1. SACKrifice Says:


    First time EVER doing a 2K Row – 7:36 (felt AWESOME!)
    REALLY long time since 1 Mile Run – 7:25 (Felt very slow…. Not my best but I am still happy I did it!!!)

    AM Class was awesome… AS USUAL!!!


  2. Nick C Says:

    Another awesome video! Great work Jack on 12.1!

    2k row- 7:44
    1 mile run- 6:32


  3. Jack H Says:

    It has officially been three weeks with a nagging cough – I have a second doctor’s appointment tomorrow, but that being said I have pushed onwards with my training. First WOD today was this one and for the first time in my life (but really) rowing felt strong . . . what, did I just say that. 7:24 on the row – track team was practicing on my mile so I couldn’t get an accurate time dodging sprinters and hurdles – guess I wasn’t supposed to be running, whoops.


  4. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Today was pretty awesome, considering I hate running and rowing. 😛

    Deadlifts: 3×175, 3×205, 7×225.
    Row: 8:48
    Run: 8:19.

    My last run ages ago was just under 10 minutes, so I’d say that’s a huge improvement.


  5. Jen Says:

    DL 3 x 150, 3 x 170, 15 x 190 – and I dropped it because my hands were killing me…safe to say that 235 is no longer my one rep max. Rob looked in the book and tried to tell me it was 290, but I think that’s a bit much!!!

    I hate rowing so much I did the other WOD (also because I have 3 rest days in front of me cuz of work). 16:35, everything pretty much unbroken except for a few mishaps with jumping and balance. I wish the BJ were quicker!!


  6. jodie Says:

    pretty solid row at 8:21….my last TT at the row house was 8:20 with my coach yelling in my ear the entire time. I think I’ll take it!

    Run was a complete disaster b/c I didn’t know where I was running. I came flying up the stairs and it said 6:52…..hahahaha….then I realized I cut out an entire block. Mapped it when I got home and it was .82, so I estimate I was somewhere around an 8:12 pace. Not bad i guess for after a 2k row. 🙂


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