Friday 3.2.12



“Feeling a sense of accomplishment doesn’t come from completion. It’s how much effort you put in.”


Front Squat

Establish a heavy single

you have 15 min

“Doctor zhivago”

amrap 12

10 push-ups

10 toes to bar

10 goblet squats 53/35


pre-sectional WOD

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15 Comments on “Friday 3.2.12”

  1. Dan Alting Says:

    Did the CF Games workout today – 60 reps could not get 165 over my head


  2. Amanda Says:

    Did Games WOD – 60 reps. Being my max snatch is 85# I was not optomistic in getting past 60 and 100# over my head. I tried 100# twice and failed…. Still better than those #%*@$ing burpees!


    • Jodie Cohen Says:

      Great Job you two!!! Way to go for it! 🙂 That third round of 100, 165 sounds brutal!


  3. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I’m tackling 12.2 tonight. I’m hoping to get at least SOME of the 100s over my head. I know I can.


  4. Nick C. Says:

    Did 12.2 today- 50 reps, every rep at 135 was a battle
    Good luck to everyone who is doing 12.2 tonight or tomorrow! I think CFN has a few firebreathers that are going to post some monster scores!


  5. Mike C Says:

    50 reps on 12.2. 135# feels way heavier after the first 30. You guys doing it tonight or this weekend may want to force yourself to take a quick break to shake things out every 10 reps at 75#. Could leave more in the tank to plow through 135# and then on to 165#…


  6. Jack H Says:

    Direct quote from Big Rob: IMMA HIT 405 EASY DOG (in reference to a max snatch)


  7. Seth Says:

    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement today. Stomach flu and all, you motivated me to 51 reps (albeit sloppy and the antithesis of proper form).


  8. Robert Rykowski Says:

    got 64 muscle snatches. ill take it!


  9. Staci Ardison Says:

    74 for 12.2. Happy but not thrilled 🙂


    • Jodie Cohen Says:

      It was inspiring to count for u staci! Way to attack it.

      Getting nervous for this one myself!!!

      Sent from my iPhone


  10. Heather Donnelly Says:

    62 on 12.2. I got my goal, which was simply to get at least one rep on the round of 100lb, but I’m a bit annoyed with myself for no repping as much as I did. I had 4 minutes left after 60 reps. If I’d only dropped quicker, I’d have gotten 65+ easily. I got the bar up every time. Bah.

    Thanks to Ryan and Jack for cheering me on, that helped a ton, especially when I got my last rep in the last 5 seconds. 🙂


  11. Tiffany Says:

    Did this workout today:
    Front Squat: 125# – PR by 10#!
    “Dr. Zhivago”: 8 + 3 (subbed V-ups for T2B)

    Good luck to everyone doing 12.2 this weekend!


  12. Jenn Says:

    Did WOD 2 today – 60 reps, which is what I expected. Getting one at 100 would have been my one rep max. I had about 3:30 to try but even with all I had I could only get the bar chest high…not close to getting underneath it!

    Great job everyone! It’s awesome to do these work outs with everyone cheering you on!!


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