Monday 2.27.12

WOD 12.1 is done. Everyone did an amazing job and gave it everything they had.

Thank you to Ken Baker for making the video and was also in the video. Awesome job!!!!

Can’t wait to see what Wednesday brings

bench press

5 – 5 – 5 – 5

start at 85%1rm and increase load if you can

 “The Angry Mime”

amrap 10

10 Back squat@135/95

10 hr push-ups


1. clean/hspu

3 rounds

A. :45 sec amrap squat clean@70%1rm

B. max hspu

rest as needeed between rounds

2. amrap 7

7 kbs@70/53

7 toes 2 bar

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12 Comments on “Monday 2.27.12”

  1. Jack H Says:

    This is a Crossfit mainsite worthy video, and what I mean to say is that this is a Crossfit Games worthy gym – CFN all day every day


  2. fred Says:

    Amazing video and amazing performances by all!!

    Bring on 12.2…..


  3. Gilaad cohen Says:

    my favorite part of the video is Joel laying flat on the floor. LOL!!!!!


    • Jaosn Says:

      that video was intense and insipiring. i think i would have died after the first 2 minutes, great job to all those that did it for 7 minutes.


  4. Joel Says:

    Great video for sure – my favorite part was also when I was l laying on the floor – because that meant the WOD was over!

    Did comp WOD today w/Grayson (way to pull yourself out of bed cubby buddy!) – A) Squat Cleans: 6, 3, 7 @155, HSPU: 8×2, 7X1. B) 7 rounds even.


  5. Pete S. Says:

    Video is up on Crossfit Affiliate site. Way to go CFN! And great video!


  6. Staci Ardison Says:

    Awesome video. And just saw it on facebook 🙂

    Still babying my shoulder… so subbed out 10 hollow rocks for toes to bar. 8+14.


  7. Nick C Says:

    Great video Ken!

    squat cleans (155)- 9, 8, 8
    HSPU- 17, 12, 10
    WOD- 7 rounds plus 11 reps


  8. Tiffany Says:

    Love the video!

    Bench press: 65#x1, 75#x1, 80#x3 First time doing a bench press with a barbell..

    WOD: 8 rounds + 5 back squats @ 80#. I probably could have gone a bit heavier, but at least I kept moving. Upper body gave out before the legs..


  9. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I messed up on the squat cleans/hspu and did only one round. Whoops. Got 10 squat cleans in the 45 seconds, and a total of 30 hspu with two small breaks (so I guess that’s 3 rounds of HSPU). Was still tiring. Obviously have a case of the Mondays and can’t count.

    Wod: 6 rounds plus 8. Forearm burner.


  10. Robert Rykowski Says:

    power cleans 185# – 9,8,8. hspu(abmat)17,9,7

    WOD: 8+5 felt strong on that one.


  11. fred Says:

    Did Muscle Up Practice and the Squat Clean/HSPU WOD: 10, 8, 7 Squat Cleans at 135#; 10, 8, 5 HSPU. Skiing all day Saturday and Sunday so nothing left to hit the KBs and Toes-to-Bar.


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