Thursday 2.16.12

OK,  Sectionals start next week.  It’s time to get your game faces on and get ready to tear shit up. You’re well prepared!! 

 This year we’re not going to think about the WODs until the day they are posted.  I’m going to program as I would normally and whatever comes up we’ll deal with then. 

Those of you who haven’t registered, Do it NOW!!!!!!

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Jenn B during the sdhp/thruster/pull-up WOD


Here’s a great email we got yesterday from Heather

Gil and Jodie,

Tuesday, February 21 marks 1 year since the day I first walked into CrossFit Newton.  And boy, what a year it’s been.
Back then, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into.  I had just come back to the US after living In Australia for 5 years, and I’d only just barely moved to Boston – just settling into a job in a city where I didn’t know very many people.  That, combined with having an uncomfortable amount of weight on me made for a pretty miserable Heather. Having suffered through clinical depression once before (and 3 years of treatment), I knew I didn’t want to go down that road again.  I had to do something about it.
I’d learned of CrossFit from my younger brother.  He used the killer combo of CrossFit and the Paleo diet to lose about 80 pounds.  “If he can  do it”, I thought to myself, “then so can I.”  I started going more Paleo with my diet while searching the web for boxes close to where I lived and worked.  I came across a few, but CFN stood out.  I admit it – it was the website that drew me in. What can I say?  I’m a geek at heart.  These things stand out to me. 🙂  I signed up for onramp, and soon after was joining in the daily wods. 
At first I was only going twice a week, and that seemed enough.  For about a month or two.  The addiction settled in (it takes hold of you *real* quick) and soon I was coming in as often as my body would let me.  The results were astounding.  Barely 4 months in, I did Fran.  Rx.  Granted, it took me over 11 minutes to finish, but I did it.  (That reminds me – I need to do it again soon.  I haven’t done Fran since then!).  The muscle packed on, the bad weight melted off.  I was soon showing up 5 times a week – and my numbers continued to skyrocket.
Shortly after I joined CFN, last year’s Open was going on.  I remember watching everyone in awe, wondering if I’d ever be strong enough to do what you guys were doing.  Cut to now, and not only am I doing all of last year’s Open workouts Rx, I’m getting reasonable scores on them.  I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at.  I’m close to deadlifting 300 pounds.  My back squat has hit 200.  I’m SO CLOSE to a muscle up.  I can handstand pushup and butterfly kip along with the best of them.  But the strength isn’t the only thing that keeps me here.  The community you’ve built around this box is one of the best I’ve ever encountered and been lucky to be a part of.  A year ago I was alone, and today you’re all some of the best friends I have. 
The past year I spent just getting into shape.  This coming year?  It’s time to level up.  I’m turning on badass mode.  Bring it.
Thanks to you both, and to everyone who comes to CrossFit Newton. You all rock.
Heather D


Row, Row, Row your boat

4 rounds

row 500

L-Sit for :30 sec

rest 3 min between efforts

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9 Comments on “Thursday 2.16.12”

  1. SACKrifice Says:


    Heather, you have transformed and have accomplished so much in the short time you have been at CFN…. Congrats!!! You have def pushed the EPIC AWESOME button!


    I gotta apologize again to Seth! The last round of my wod yesterday I transferred from from the Double Unders to the Snatch and when I throw my jump rope behind me it caught my foot and ended up hitting Seth… Sorry!!!


    Did pretty good on the Sectional WOD yesterday and WOW. Makes a HUGE difference when you do not have Jay Yoon Yelling in your face!


  2. Justin Unton Says:

    Michelle, it’s great having you at the gym! Thanks for the bravery both in sharing your thoughts and by continuing to come to class.


  3. Heather Donnelly Says:

    What is it with people calling me Michelle?? 🙂


  4. amy Says:

    “michelle” is awesome. 😀

    …so is michelle…


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