Friday 2.17.12

Justin U at last weekends throwdown. Great extension bro!!



run 400 meters before each set of DL

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7 Comments on “Friday 2.17.12”

  1. SACKrifice Says:

    I love Deadlifting and I love running (kinda)… I will def be showing up for this one today!

    Justin – Extension is great but your hair is AMAZING in this picture!!!


  2. Dan Alting Says:

    around 18 mins on the WOD with 295 lb dead lifts


  3. Joel Says:

    Did strict press from Tuesday: 6×105, 6×120, 3×135, 1×145 – failed on second attempt and moved on. WOD: 15:10 with 290 DL.


  4. Tiffany Says:

    Focused more on deadlift form than on speed. This was also my first time running since the end of December…felt good.
    ~18 min @ 145#.


  5. jodie cohen Says:

    Since today was DL day I decided to face the demon, Diane today. I took my time to make SURE if finished. I wasn’t going for any records, just didn’t want to DNF again.

    Last set of HSPU were singles, unfortunately, but I finished it at 13:32. Not a stellar time, but definitely a STELLAR comeback from the only wod I’ve ever quit on since I started crossfit 4 years ago.

    I feel quite accomplished!

    Bring on sectionals!!!!


  6. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Did today’s wod in 19:47 with 205lb deadlifts. That was so slow going, but I got through it.


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