Wednesday 2.8.12

strict press



max reps@95%of90%

“Aggressive Hippie”  


sdhp 95/65

box jump 24/20

push press 95/65


repeat 2 more times

after each round of 12/9 and 6 rest the time it took to complete. Then start the 12/9/6 over again.


1. bent rows


start your 8 once you reach a challenging weight

2. Aggressive hippie  

sub the push press with burpees


sdhp 95/65

box jump 24/20



repeate 2 more times

rest the time it took to complete the round


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6 Comments on “Wednesday 2.8.12”

  1. Dan Alting Says:

    I hate aggressive hippies

    4×8 @ 155 for the rows probably should have gone heavier

    26:24 on the competitive WOD this was a killer


  2. Pete S. Says:

    Got only 5 reps at 120lb strict press which wasn’t great. Then 22 mins flat on Aggressive Hippie Rx with 95 lbs which was a killer but felt pretty good. Two great workouts so far this week.


  3. Mike C Says:

    Press: 105/120/3@135
    Didn’t do the WOD. Did front squats instead working up to 2@245. Failed 2x @255.
    Then did 100 30″ box jumps.


  4. Jack H Says:

    Hero WOD “Ryan” for the first workout of the day. Getting cold again (34 outside), gonna get after it again tonight.

    5 rounds
    7 muscle ups
    21 burpees

    10:00 (50 second PR)


  5. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Did 8-8-8-8 bent rows @ 65lb. I could have done more but I wasn’t too sure about how high I *could* go.

    Competitor’s wod: 21:23rx. That felt good. 😀


  6. Nick C Says:

    Bent rows with 135
    WOD 14:51
    Strict press- 5×115, 3×135, 2×145


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