Monday 2.6.12

Back Squat



max reps at 95%of90%

Sectional WOD 5

amrap 20

5 power clean@145/100

10 toes to bar

15 wall ball


1. Thruster

establish your heaviest 3 from the floor

2. Sectional WOD 5



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16 Comments on “Monday 2.6.12”

  1. Joel Says:

    Did Comp WOD (I did wendler BS on Saturday – added 20# to max, which brought it to 300. 190×3, 215×3, 240×13). Heavy 3 Thursters:145#. WOD: 7rds +12.


    • Joel Says:

      I forgot – I did not do this Rx – scaled down the cleans since I had done cleans on Saturday. On Saturday I did last Weds. WOD. 7 Min AMRAP 10 PC @135#, 15 WB’s @ 20#.


  2. SACKrifice Says:

    This morning was ROUGH!!! My body is still getting used to the 530AM crew!

    155 heavy three Thrusters
    Sectional WOD RX – 8+11 reps

    Pete, Laura, and Joel… You are a tough group to follow that early in the AM… I will call out any one of the PM crew to try and match wits with these crazy people in the AM!


  3. Mike Says:

    BS- 215/245/4@275
    WOD rx 7+5


  4. Staci Ardison Says:

    I did not do the wod this morning!


    This is what I did yesterday:


  5. Pete S. Says:

    I felt like crap this morning after staying up late and feasting yesterday. But then I had a pretty stellar workout getting BS 4 reps at 240 and then the WOD with 135 at 8 rounds plus 4 reps. Can’t explain it. Not trying.


  6. ryan Says:

    Long time no see everyone, I miss crossfit newton!
    Messed around with jerks, new pr of 235
    Front squatted 225 for 5

    WOD: 21-15-9
    Overhead squats 135
    Pulups (unbroken chest 2 bars)


  7. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Thruster – 3×120. Definitely a PR – last time I did max thrusters forever ago, my 1rm was 105 or 115 or something.

    Wod: 7+10 rx. Happy with this! This wod left my head buzzing for ages afterwards, too. Haven’t pushed myself that hard in a while – felt awesome.


  8. Tiffany Says:

    BS: 5@105#, 3@125#, 8@135# Legs felt fine, but I was having trouble keeping the bar on my shoulders…maybe I need shoulder pads..

    WOD: subbed V-ups for T2B, power clean @ 75#: 9 rounds + 20


  9. Robert Rykowski Says:

    rowed 2k 7:56, bs:5@280


    • Jack H Says:

      Rowing with backsquats gives me the wiggles. Not the creepy tv show kind of wiggles with dudes in solid color turtlenecks, but the quad/hammy/glute muscle spasm wiggles


  10. jodie Says:

    My shoulder was bothering me tonight….totally BUMMED, because this wod is MY WOD for sure! I can’t wait to crush this one laster this week.

    heavy thruster x 3, 130….I definitely think this is a PR since my last 1 RPM was 135 from a rack! guess it’s time to redo my 1RPM thruster 🙂

    Didn’t want to just leave on that note, so did “annie” for fun. Half way thru I started only using one arm to do the situps b/c it was hurting my shoulder…slowed my former pr by over a minute….bummer. BUT, I did my first ever 50 DU completely unbroken….that was COOL! 7:24


  11. Shu-Yee Says:

    I got 90lb thrusters X3 !!! I know this is not a lot for many people…but it’s a HUGE number for me cause my max clean is only 95lbs!!

    The Wod was hard and I was doing T2B strict cause I still need to work on kipping!!! 8 round + 15 at 85lbs…..feels pretty good for taking a sick day yesterday and feeling a little better today….NAPS are the BEST!! =)


  12. Michele Says:

    made up a not so fun one today. 50-40-30-20-10 backsquat @55# and double unders. definitely gonna feel this one tomorrow.


  13. Jack H Says:

    Late to the gym today so I had to condense the workout:

    Thrusters – worked to heavy 3 at 185#

    AMRAP 10
    5 PC @ 145
    10 T2B
    4 Wall climbs

    7 rounds


  14. Nick C. Says:

    heavy 3 thruster- 165lb
    WOD- 8 rounds even


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