Saturday 1.28.12

On February 11th there are two competitions CFN athletes will be attending

1. 2012 Charles River Classic

Who – Matt T and Michele

If you wanna see coach Matt and coach Michele throwdown come check it out. I’m sure they could use the support.

Last year was crazy. The WOD nearly killed the both of them. Yet there going back for more.

WhereCharles River CrossFit, Needham

When – 9am

2. Newfitter throwdown 

Who – Rob R, Kim T, Amanda F, and  Justin U

This will be there first competition, so please try and make it to cheer them on.

WhereCommonwealth CrossFit, Somerville

When – 10am

Laura, Heather, Grayson, and Michele killin’ the team WOD last weekend

Team WOD

each athlete must do 5 rounds of:

Row 15 calories

5 wall climbs

15 pull-ups

upon finishing the 5 rounds both athletes must run 800 meters. each athlete must run 400 meters with a med ball 20/14

there is a 25 min cap



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One Comment on “Saturday 1.28.12”

  1. Jen Says:

    My hands were not ready for 75 pull-ups, so I did Fridays WOD. Some trouble with math so I did 185# x 5 for my second round, but it was supposed to be my max rep round. I did 3 more sets of 5 at 185#. It’s not Stacy’s 300!!!
    WOD – 10 du short of 7 rounds. Felt slow and my right HS is unhappy still, but a good work out. DL all unbroken, first set of bj were a mess but unbroken after that and DU were not great to day but better towards the end.


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