Wednesday 1.25.12 Consistency

Consistency is possibly the most important part of an exercise program. Even if you use the best exercise program in existence (i.e. CrossFit) and give 100% effort when you work out, if you’re only doing it once a month it will have little effect on your overall health and fitness. Additionally, you must have consistency before intensity. If you are not consistent enough to get to the point where you can add intensity, you are really missing out on results.

In the beginning, consistency may be working out twice a week. Think about it…that’s 90 minutes (two 45-minute classes) of your time over the course of an entire week. Can you make time for that? How much time do you spend watching TV each day? How much time do you waste doing nothing at all? Could you wake up an hour earlier just twice a week? Once you become consistent working out twice a week, add a third workout. Then a fourth. And maybe even a fifth. The more consistency you have, the better your results will be.

Your goal should be to make exercise a part of your daily life. Put it on your calendar first. Make it your number one priority – after all, if you can’t take care of yourself, how on earth will you take care of your family or succeed in your job? If you are in fact consistent with your exercise, it will become part of your life. You won’t even have to think about it – it will become automatic…a habit.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

  • Schedule your workout and put it on your calendar. Treat it like a business meeting with your boss – there’s no way you would miss that, right?
  • Show up even if you are tired or feel like crap. Tell yourself to just get through the warm-up and then stop if you want – chances are you’ll be ready to keep going. If not, at least you still got a good warm-up in (and at CrossFit Rockwall, the warm-up is kinda like a workout anyhow).
  • Don’t make excuses. Real life doesn’t care about excuses. If it’s not life or death, it can probably wait an hour until you’re done with your workout.
  • Train with a friend. You are more likely to stay consistent if you train with family or friends. Find someone you like to help keep you on track. Or just show up consistently to our classes and you’ll make new friends!
  • Keep a workout log. You don’t want to have to skip from July 10th to August 1st in your log. Putting it on paper makes you more accountable.
  • Post your results. Tell everyone how you did in our comments section – everyone will start looking for your posts and if we don’t see ’em, we’ll call you out.
  • Reward yourself. At the end of the week, if you haven’t missed any of your workouts, treat yourself to something you enjoy (we’re NOT talking Ben & Jerry’s here, guys…).

Can’t beat functional movement


3 x 3 rounds

3 shoulder to overhead 155/105

6 ring dips

9 toes to bar

rest 2 minutes after each 3 rounds. You will be doing a total of 9 rounds



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12 Comments on “Wednesday 1.25.12 Consistency”

  1. Dan Alting Says:

    Strict Press 160, 15# PR

    Work out 15:30 happy with today


  2. Pete S. Says:

    My arms feel like dead meat swinging from my shoulders.


  3. Staci Ardison Says:

    Did yesterday’s wod: 13:09rx.

    For squat cleans got up to 135, wasn’t overly feeling it (still a bit sore from sunday!) so instead of trying to go for 145 and hit a PR I just did 5 singles at 135.


  4. Robert Rykowski Says:

    17:3x rx(155#). ring dips got slowwwww at the end


  5. Staci Ardison Says:

    my goal was to get all ring dips as ring dips.

    I failed, but I spent a whole lot of time trying. 🙂


  6. Heather Donnelly Says:

    18:58. 105lb, and dip negatives. I got maybe 3 or 4 actual dips in the first round and then my arms declared mutiny.


  7. Michele Says:

    finally hit 100# strict press
    ryan if you were there today i think you would have killed me for not getting a muscle up because of how close i was. gonna happen soon.


  8. Tiffany Says:

    First day doing anything overhead since late October. 1RM Strict press @ 70#. Last time I did I strict press, it was at 60#…so still glad to have made progress.

    Subbed strict press for push press in the WOD, negatives for the ring dips, and V-ups for the T2B. I think my time was about 13:3-something.

    Finished with 4 sets of 50 DU, all unbroken.


  9. Nick C. Says:

    strict press- 165lb, failed on 175lb
    WOD- ‘Threesome’- 16:10rx


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