Monday 1.23.12

Even though the throwdown was canceled yesterday we had a great time. CrossFit 321 had already driven down from Main and CrossFit Boston didn’t get the cancelation email. So we had a little friendly competition training day. You guys are great competitors!!! Thanks a lot for understanding. Thank you to all the CFN athletes who could care less about the canceled competition and wanted to train anyway. You guys are AWESOME!!!

Back squat

add 10lb to your 1rm



max reps @85%of90%1rm



row for calories

overhead squat 95/65




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12 Comments on “Monday 1.23.12”

  1. Robert Rykowski Says:

    really impressed by all the performances today – felt inspired! nice work everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Joel Says:

    Had an awesome time! I think I’ll be taking tomorrow off…I’m a little beat…gotta hit up back squat this week though!


  3. Jenny Sack Says:

    I am truly inspired by Jay Werra’s triumphant performance. He had to overcome many obstacles one being a fever of 107°. This is by far the Cinderella story of the year. I’m sure others would agree there were no surprises when Jay was mysteriously awarded the MVP. Congrats Jay and all the teams that competed!


    • Jay W Says:

      Thank you Jenny, you are very kind, but without the fans there is no way I would of been able to overcome my crippling virus and be able to battle though the events of the day. When the news hit the CrossFit community of my illness I received hundreds of emails wishing me better and that’s when I knew that I could not let the fans down and that not competing was not an option. So I threw on my Skins and laced up my Inov-8s extra tight and went out there to put on a show that would go down in history. I would like to thank everyone that supported me and the Blue Barracudas as we fought our way out of last place in the final workout to safely secure the fifth place slot. I will see you all this week.

      God speed & Train hard,
      Jay Werra


  4. Ryan Says:

    So happy with Blue Barracudas Performance.
    6 Teams
    5th Place…A win in my book.
    although two teams tied for first place, meaning there was only five placings.


    • Heather Donnelly Says:

      We are still awesome. No denying that. 😀


    • Shu-Yee Says:

      finishing 5th is Definitely a win to me! =) Nice job everyone and I must say, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing anything like that even last year, let along 3 years ago when I walked in to crossfit, and was sore for DAYS after some air squats and on the knees push-ups, and can barely survive normal single jump-rope!!!!!

      Thank you Blue Barracudas Teammates for all the suffering together, thank you for everyone for being SO encouraging, even when I was almost in tears trying to move those KB swings one at a time, and thank you Gil & Jodie for never giving up on me and foster the most amazing community of athletes ever!

      PS: Shout out to my sweetie for ALWAYS being there for me and gave me a WONDERFUL back massage last night and have to bend over and pick up everything for me from the floor this morning cause I can barely move!!!


  5. Robert Rykowski Says:

    9:46 rx – lung burner!!


  6. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I went in and did nothing but mobility today. I’m hoping it prevents some of the dreaded DOMS that I’m expecting tomorrow. Nice job by the 6pm crowd, though, was great watching you all. 😀


  7. Nick C Says:

    Did this on Tuesday night, 9:40rx, still a bit sore from Sunday.


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