Friday 1.22.12

OK CFN, the CrossFit open is just around the corner. A lot of you have been waiting most of the year. For those of you who are not familiar with this, the video below will briefly explain what it is. 

The open will last for 5 weeks. One WOD will be released each week and will be done the day after its release.  Those of you who want a second crack at it can do it again on Saturday.  CrossFit Newton as a whole will be doing the WODs.  Competitors and non-competitors alike.   This is a great way to get a real taste of what the sport of CrossFit really is. Michele made it to regionals last year and our team was close. This year I don’t want close,  Close is not an option.  We are a stronger and fitter gym.  Let’s show the rest of the world That CrossFit Newton is no joke.  Registration is February 1st.

So sign up and lets Get to the Games!!!


row 300 meters

12 – 9 – 6

sdhp 95/65


rest 3 min

repeat for 4 rounds



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8 Comments on “Friday 1.22.12”

  1. ryan Says:

    Gil may be upset with me because he suggested i didn’t power clean or do anything hard. But i rested yesterday and im resting tomorrow, and my body doesn’t work right after too many rest days soo today i went hard

    Three Big Pr’s
    Touch and Go cleans 236×3 (11lb pr)
    Max Power Clean 252.5 (17.5lb pr)
    2k Row 6:51 43 sec PR


  2. Dan Alting Says:

    This was a very humbling workout. 36 mins on the dot RX


  3. Joel Says:

    This was for sure a humbling workout. Three rounds @75# (trying to focus on conditioning leading up to the throwdown) 20:35. Then spent 5-7 mins on double unders and then did some foam rolling. A little tired this am, but excited for Sunday.


  4. Fred Says:

    Did yesterday’s WOD. 11:14. Really wanted something close to 10 minutes.


  5. Tiffany Says:

    This was my first day back after nearly 3 weeks off from Crossfit…I practiced yoga and pilates or did a bodyweight exercise circuit most days on my vacation, but did not do any strength training.
    Did today’s workout, subbing KBS @ 45# for the SDHP. Rounds were: 4:32, 4:50, 5:05, 5:33.

    It was a good reintroduction and it felt great to be back 🙂


  6. Pete S. Says:

    I again had early morning math issues. 3rds Rx in 23:49 kicked my ass and only after I recovered a bit and went to record my time did I notice I was supposed to do 4 rounds. 3 was enough.


  7. Robert Rykowski Says:

    today was a “rest” day. 2 strict muscle ups, 10 double unders, 5 minutes mobility – 8 rounds. 2 were at bodyweight, 2 at 10# vest, 4@ 20# vest. had to kip a couple.


  8. ryan Says:

    A video of me and a 14 year old girl who challenged me to 20 pullups, the rules were they had to start strict and if the heat of the moment brought upon kipping it was fine. I lost.


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