Thursday 1.12.12

Paleo day 4

squat clean

establish your heaviest 1


3 rounds

power clean

amrap 1 min@155/105

7 muscle-ups

70 dbl unders

rest 3 min

Scale: sub for muscle-ups today is ring dips 3 for 1.  If you can’t do ring dips do negatives.  Sub for dbl-unders is 200 singles weight for clean will be scaled as needed.



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11 Comments on “Thursday 1.12.12”

  1. ryan Says:

    This Looks awful.


  2. Staci Ardison Says:

    went in this morning to do nothing but mobility, got lured by the barbell and did a few squat cleans and squats at light weight and then decided that i really should just be doing mobility, so i didn’t do the workout 🙂


  3. Joe Says:

    Did yesterday’s. finished the press at 115# and got 7 reps.
    140# on the snatch, a PR.
    4:34 on the 30reps at 115#.
    Very fun WOD. The extra stretching really helped get into good positioning.


  4. Michele Says:

    155# squat clean. not feeling it today. ended up on my knees and stood it up. wod: 19:11 with rest. power cleans 12, 13, 14. subbed mu’s with ring dips.


  5. ryan Says:

    Squat Clean 225…The clean and the catch at 235 for SUPER easy, but 235 is my max front squat ever soooooooo….Fail.
    WOD 16:40 with rest. Power Cleans 14, 15, 15


  6. Jay W. Says:

    Squat Clean: 175#
    WOD: 17:34/with dips and rest
    155# Power Cleans 10, 11, 11


  7. Jodie Says:

    Decided to go for my goal of nasty girls tonite. Thanks everyone for all ur support. This was pretty hard. I wanted to get everyone from full lockout at the bottom but couldn’t link them that way. I got about 75% from lockout the rest I linked from flexed arm position. Oh well, next time!

    Nasty girls rx: 24:51 (goal was sub 25 min!) 🙂


  8. Robert Rykowski Says:

    235 power clean. gotta work on my front rack for the squat. wod: 14, 10, 11 power cleans 155#, muscle ups, and double unders destrominated my shoulders in 19:20


    • ryan Says:

      Destrominated = was not a pretty site. Rob i think you wanted to kill me, or quit. but you did neither.


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