Wednesday 1.11.12

Paleo day 3

strict press



max reps @95%of90%1rm


work to a heavy 1

then with 80% complete 30 snatches for time



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23 Comments on “Wednesday 1.11.12”

  1. jodie Says:

    I’m already excited to do this wod since i did 30 squat snatches for time a week and a half ago at Crossfit Garden City…..I’m looking to beat my time! 🙂


  2. Joel Says:

    Squat 1RM – 145. Need to work on mechanics big time – I’ve been stuck at 145 for about 6 months now.

    WOD: 5:03 @ 115#.

    Did a little T2B work by working on kipping K2E to work the lats


    • Joel Says:

      2 corrections (man this is a rough week!). By squats I meant snatches and I forgot to add push press.

      100×5, 115×3, 130×8.


      • ryan Says:

        possibly 3rd correction haha, did you mean to write strict press?? or did you do push press this morning instead haha.

      • Joel Says:

        I quit posting! I can’t get out of my own way this week! Correction, strict press not push press…

      • Joel Says:

        FAIL! Strict press instead of push press…I quit!

      • Jodie Cohen Says:

        And, joel, are you going to start logging your paleo on the spreadsheet? Let me know if you need help.


      • Joel Says:

        I’ll get it in tonight…another technological fail, I dont have access to Google docs at work, so I’ve been slacking

      • Gilaad cohen Says:

        I know what you’re going through Joel. I’ve been there before

  3. Fred Says:

    Strict Press 5 @115; 5@120; 5@120

    Modified version of Yesterday’s WOD


    Ring Dips (for round of 20), T2B for rounds 2 and 3
    KB swings w/ 70#

    8:10 for time. Ring Dips continue to haunt me!!


  4. ryan Says:

    Strict Press 5×100, 2×115, 7×130

    Squat Snatch 165 with ease, failed 175 about 7 times but they were all relatively close

    Isabel: 30 snatches (135) 6:50


  5. Grayson Says:

    Very rough session for me… I think I may be getting sick…

    155… I have so much speed now… The biggest problem is getting used to locking it out. This will come with practice.

    I felt good during the snatch so happy with that.

    Strict Press – 5@105 3@115 7@125.

    WOD – 115 weight – 2:06… I should have done more weight but my body was not feeling it…

    Just overall a rough workout for me… Not sure why.


  6. Robert Rykowski Says:

    Isabel: 4:40@125#
    Press: 155x7or8


  7. Jay W. Says:

    Worked up to one RM strict press: 170# | 5# PR
    Isabel: 3:35 w/115#


  8. Michele Says:

    Strict Press: 5@65#, 3@75#, 6@85#
    Squat Snatch: 115# (PR by 5#)
    WOD: 7:37 w/ 90# (full squat snatches)


    • Michele Says:

      …also some hspu practice with ryan, grayson, matt, and shu. starting to get comfortable on the plates. practiced some deficits. got to 3 stacked 25# plates. then 5 sets of 5 hspu’s with ryan. great workout overall today 🙂


      • ryan Says:

        I didn’t like those HSPU, im not use to the mats being against the wall, i had to do more then 25 total because michelle likes to no rep people -.-

      • Michele Says:

        hey. games standards.

  9. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Strict press: 5@55, 3@65, 6@75.
    (power) Snatch: 100# – PR. Failed 105 twice. Still happy with that.
    Wod: 3:37 @ 80#.

    Had fun with some handstand walks with Jay W and Staci afterwards. 😀


    • Jay W. Says:

      Oh yea hand stand walk PR , 1.5 feet


    • Staci Ardison Says:

      yes! i did lots of hspu and hung out walking in circles on my hands for a while.

      I also hit a PR with about 4 feet. And a PR for the most tumbling down onto the ground in one session.

      unfortunately, i woke up this morning with two black eyes.

      This is why I don’t hang out upside down more often.


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