Saturday 1.7.12

“The Departed”


25 ring push-ups

50 wall balls

100 dbl unders

50 wall balls

25 ring push-ups



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8 Comments on “Saturday 1.7.12”

  1. Grayson Says:

    This one looks awesome!!!!

    Team Silver Snakes Meeting… This SUNDAY!!! CFN!!!!


  2. Robert Rykowski Says:

    Did yesterdays wod – wendler 3×315 3×360 9×415. my first diane in 11:53rx. hspu are tough!!! Was feeling all the energy in the gym so i also did my first annie, in 9:50. Happy to be getting better at DU’s!


    • jodie Says:

      GREAT JOB TODAY ROB!!!!!!!! I loved watching you fight for every rep. Nice way to finish off a week!


  3. jodie Says:

    CFN was BUZZING today….awesome, awesome! Great work by the 11 am crowd.

    Nice to see Raxan again, our resident Boston Militia Women’s Professional Tackle Football League player!!! Check out their website:

    Karma with ring push-ups (no joke), 14 lb wall ball to 9 ft target, 10:something….got 50 du in a row and had to stop b/c my arms were smoked….now that’s a GOOD FEELING!


  4. Matt T Says:

    First time doing double unders and wallballs in a couple months. Squated to big medicine ball on wallballs as knee is still tender on the deep squats. time 8:52
    Nice to see more people posting. Be proud of the PR’s and times you get.
    Nice job Rob on your first diane as well as Annie.


  5. Joel Says:

    Long day today on the WOD. 16:12 – double unders are a lot better, but still need a lot of work…and its official, I’m not a fan of wall balls.


  6. fred Says:

    10:10 on today’s WOD. The Double Unders were tough for me. Technique was off and I didn’t have the stamina to string together multiple unbroken reps. I continue to hate wall balls. There is something evil about them.


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