Friday 1.6.12

The Team throwdown is coming up quick.  We need judges!!! If you wanna help out please let us know.




max reps at90%of90%1rm






1. deadlift

2. diane

3. muscle-ups – choose from 1-3 on the min. for 10 min.  ring dips or pull-ups, 1-10 on the min.



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26 Comments on “Friday 1.6.12”

  1. Laura Says:

    First time Fran RX – 9:25.


  2. Mike C Says:

    230/260/305 (9 reps) on the Wendler DLs.

    7something on Diane. 1st round was just over a minute, 2nd and 3rd rounds was winded from the 1st. Shoulders were blasted from doing Strict Presses and tabata handstand holds yesterday.

    Gil – what’s the day/time for the throwdown? May be able to judge depending on the day..


  3. Nick C. Says:

    Wendler DL- 3×255, 3×295, 9×325
    Diane- 7:58 . . . started doing hspu 1 at a time toward the end of the second round. I really need to learn how to kip so I can move quicker through the later sets


  4. Joel Says:

    DL’s – 3×245, 3×280, 12×315.

    Did Diane for the first time today, Rx and with kipping HSPU, also for the first time ever. 10:26 – happy to get something on the books for this WOD. Definitely got room for improvement with the kip.

    Comp WOD – Ring dips: 4 sets of 5, then 2, 4, 3, 2, 3, 3. Felt like a good day and there was quite a crowd at the 530am class – I’m liking it!


  5. Staci Ardison Says:

    Wendler DL: 245×3, 265×3, 290×8

    Finished Diane somewhere in the 13 minute mark? Spent about 7 minutes the first round trying to get all 21 hspu kipping, but my shoulders weren’t having it, so switched to strict with an ab mat.

    Frustrating, but what I needed to really kick myself into “YOU REALLY NEED TO WORK ON THESE” gear 🙂


  6. ryan Says:

    245×3, 280×3, 315×13

    Diane RXed: 8:42 (a little disappointed)

    Muscle Ups: 8 rounds of 3 unbroken, 2 rounds of 2 unbroken +1

    Really need to start doing strict handstand pushups, the kipping ones actulaly tired out my core alot and hurt me on the deadlifts. This was a rough WOD, almost saw pukiee.


  7. Joe Says:

    225×3, 265×3, 300×14 on DL
    11:50 something on Diane. 225 DL and handstand holds.
    My core is all done.

    BTW, I started the Paleo challenge early. I’m on day 4. “Make It Paleo” is a great cookbook. I’ve made 7-8 things from it so far. Big fan of the salsa verde.


  8. SACKrifice Says:


    I have an ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

    do it up yo!


  9. Eric Walden Says:

    And yet again, I am so grateful for your hospitality this week Gil, Matt, Jodie and all the rest of you – it really made my week to keep on working hard and being around people that understand!

    Have fun with the Throwdown, and kick ass in the Sectionals!

    DLs: 245, 280, 315(8)
    Diane: 3:24
    Muscle ups for time


  10. Michele Says:

    first time doing diane- 6:43


    • ryan Says:

      Just a heads up there probally going to be testing at the games this year for performance enhancers, just saying…..


  11. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Deadlifts: 165,190,10@215. Awesome.
    Diane: 9:43 rx. First time ever rx. Even more awesome.

    I’m stupidly happy with this.


  12. fred Says:

    Deadlifts 3 x 5 at 245#.

    Diane: 7:06 at 205# deadlift. So happy to be in the gym tonight after being sick for a week.


  13. Gilaad cohen Says:

    Love all the comment everyone. Keep em coming. You guys are all awesome!!!!


  14. Robert Rykowski Says:

    i want to let everyone know that i saw the eye of a champion in grayson today during diane. hspu suck, but he kept trucking, for a pr, if im not mistaken, of about 1:40.


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