Wednesday 1.4.12

CFN Athletes – There are a lot of new people that have started recently and most of you don’t have a training journal.  We were thinking about ordering some more. Who would like to grab one of these AWESOME journals? 

Dead-hang Pull-ups


weighted if you can

Strict Press



max reps@90%of90%1rm





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13 Comments on “Wednesday 1.4.12”

  1. ryan Says:

    Alright recently(meaning ten minutes ago) i have noticed a decline in comments, and i don’t like it. One of my daily pass times (along with facebook) is reading through the comments and seeing peoples struggles and triumphs. If your proud of your time or score post it, if you hit a new PR or succeeded in a new skill let every one know. On the other side, if you struggle with something tell people, i’m sure that there are plenty that feel the way you do. If one of the workouts is just brutal (but you enjoyed every second) do what i do and complain about how much you hate gil. This is a great community, whenever i’m at the gym i catch up and see and hear about peoples new feats and abilities. Well anyways rambling over. POST COMMENTS =]. okay bye.


    • jodie Says:

      we’ll post if you’ll BE ON TEAM CFN FOR SECTIONALS/REGIONALS!!! Otherwise, we’ll just see you at the games! 😉


  2. Pete Says:

    I need a second journal soon.


  3. Jack H Says:

    My hips are pretty smoked. Feels wonderful


  4. Pete S. Says:

    Ok so I just ran into Nick’s twin brother on the T. Embarrassing for me as I caught up to him on the platform yelling “Nick!” He handled it well. I was wondering how Nick got out of the 0630 class and all the way to Kendall square by 0815!


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      haha!!! that happend to a lot of people at the garage games.


      • Nick C. Says:

        just got a text from my brother Sean . . . ‘ran into some guy from your gym this morning when I was getting off the T. He’s real tall, said he was working out with you this morning.’

        did yesterday’s WOD- 7 and 12 reps. power cleans got heavy pretty fast but box jumps and swings were unbroken. good to be back at CFN today after spending last week at crossfit delray beach.

  5. Joel Says:

    I was one of those people at the Garage Games – me to Nick’s brother, ” Hey NIck, what happened, I thought you couldn’t make it?”….No response…I felt slighted…then someone told me it was Nick’s twin. Slighted feeling changed into small feeling of awkwardness/embarassment.

    Did Back squats from Monday – 5 reps@180 (woops), 3 reps@205, 14 reps@230. Strict Press, 3@95, 3@110, 8@120. Did half of Mondays WOD: 5:40 and 4rds of tabata thrusters, which I compltetly crapped out on – did 3-4 reps each round.

    I already miss coming at 1230, 530am at 8 degrees sucks. I need another vacation.


  6. G Force Says:

    Typically my days go by super fast… between walking around, calling contractors, reading emails, reporting to osha dep or epa, and let’s not forgot calling jenny while she is at work just to ask her what she is doing.

    The longest part of my day is always the last hour.. that last hour separates me from crossfit.

    Separates me from giving Regionals a hard time cuz I am taller then her.

    I have a lot of reasons but I am typing from my phone… I just miss everyone all the time!!! Except for jay w… I heard he didn’t feed his tomigochi (spelling) key chain pet and killed it.


  7. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Today was fun. After the dead hangs, strict presses and thruster hell, those of us at 6pm thought it would be fun to do tabata handstand holds right afterwards. Not as bad as I thought it would be. The girls gave the boys a run for their money. 😉


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