Wednesday 12.28.11

Schedule for this coming weekend is as follows:

Friday – morning and afternoon classes as usual. There’s only a 5:30 class in the evening.

Saturday – There will only be a 10am class

Sunday – Class canceled

Monday – There will only be a 12:30 class

Amazing that no one fell through the floor at the old place

Strict Press



max reps at85%of90%1rm

ring dips

1-? on the min for 10 min.


600 meters



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3 Comments on “Wednesday 12.28.11”

  1. Robert Rykowski Says:

    21-18-15-12-9-6-3 KBS@70#, 5 burpees after each round – 10:30
    strict press 5@105, 5@120, 10@135


  2. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Today I had the pleasure of bringing my brother along to the 5pm class. Wish he lived closer so he could join in more often, but Florida is a bit far away. 😛

    Strict press: 5@45, 5@65, 5@75.
    Dips: 3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1. All unbanded. Unbanded ring dips in a wod will soon be mine.


  3. jodie Says:

    Day 3 of strength plan:

    Not my favorite day….Snatches!

    2 x 80, 2 x 85 all good til I hit 1x 95 (which was supposed to be 90…can’t add) Horrible lift…did it over like 5 times. Then moved on to 1 x 100….failed miserably many times. Went back down to 85….nailed it twice and called it a day.

    On to back squats, 6×5 at 145….these felt good and form was GREAT! Knees out, chest up, pushing with the posterior chain instead of any number of other bad options…..Good way to end that!

    Finished up with 10 deficit kipping HSPU….surprisingly harder than regular, but happy that I could do them! 🙂

    looking forward to hot yoga tomorrow to fix all that stuff I did to my body over the last 3 days. 🙂


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