Friday 12.23.11

Holiday Schedule

Saturday the 24th – 9am intro and 10am. 11am class is canceled

Christmas day – No class

“The 8 Days of Hanukkah” 

8 rounds

8 snatches 65/45

8 overhead squats 65/45

8 sdhp 65/45

8 thrusters 65/45

8 kettlebell swings 53/35

8 box jumps 24/20

8 pull-ups 

8 toes to bar

The weight is not heavy for a reason….So get through it as fast as you can.


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14 Comments on “Friday 12.23.11”

  1. Pete S. Says:

    I only finished 4 days plus 45 reps of Hanukkah in 25 mins. This was a good one!


  2. Joel Says:

    Worst Hanukah gift ever….5 rounds even. Did yesterdays DL 1RM – 385.


  3. Grayson Says:


    I have a hard enough time spelling hanuhak let alone finishing all 8 days of it. I made it to 6 days even.

    This WOD made me happy, I am finally getting my toe 2 bars down.

    The BIGGEST ISSUE was the time i did this wod!!! The morning crew are determined and by god are they fast! Way to go guys for making the PM crew look like sheep compared to the AM lions class.

    Seriously, we can all learn from the determination of EVERYONE in the AM classes. You guys ROCK!!!!!

    Thanks for the push this morning Joel. I needed that big time to keep going.


  4. Michele Says:

    a lot harder than i thought
    5 + 58 (6 reps short of 6 rounds)


  5. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Did max deadlift before the wod today. 265 – PR by 35lb!!
    Wod: 5 + 4. Deceptively hard, but awesome. Nice job to the lunchtime crew.


  6. Staci Ardison Says:

    So the first three rounds, I forgot about SDHP.
    So the fourth round, I did all of them.
    And then, I was so tired of the bar from four rounds of SDHP, I forgot thrusters.
    So in the 5th round, I did the last 2 rounds of thrusters.
    When the clock hit 25, I had hit ONE full complete correct round and was on my second, so I did another one. So I THINK I did a total of 7 rounds, but not in the right order, and not in the correct time frame.

    totally winning today . 😀


  7. Jodie Says:

    5 reps short of 6 rounds. I liked this one. Especially fun in my new reebok oly shoes! Thrusters felt soooo good and toes 2 bars did not feel like ankle weights like my old “special” oly shoes! 🙂


  8. Jack H Says:

    Great day at CFN today, Ryan C came for the team workout and Ryan “The Marine” came through as well! Both Ryans were kicking butt – Marine Ryan was a fantastic athlete, great guy as well – hope he comes to CFN to train whenever he can!


    • Jodie Says:

      Hey, the marine was on my team!!! You chose the OTHER ryan!


      • Ryan Says:

        Wahhh i’m the other Ryan. I get downgraded as soon as you realized i can not do 20 pushups in a row?…. a new goat

  9. Staci Ardison Says:

    Joel and I decided to have a doubleunder battle and do Annie.

    8:10. Sets of 40-30-20 of doubleunders were all unbroken (wheee!). Was a little upset I couldnt string the 10 together, but whatever. 🙂

    First time I’ve even had the ability to do Annie Rx, so happy.


    • Joel Says:

      The double under battle was won by Staci – Merry Christmas! First time doing Annie Rx, so I am happy about that. 9:38 I don’t think that I was able to do any of the sets unbroken, so there’s tons of room for improvement!


  10. Tiffany Says:

    Did the 8-days of Hanukkah workout with some substitutions @55# (power cleans for snatches, back squats for OHS, sumo deadlifts for SDHP, front squats for thrusters, ring rows for pullups, v-ups for T2B). One rep shy of 7 rounds.

    Happy holidays everyone!


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