Wednesday 12.21.11

Before attempting the ring HSPU you must first practice the deficit.

Gymnastics practice

The front and back lever

“after burn”

5 rounds

10 kbs@70/53

10 burpee box jumps@24/20



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13 Comments on “Wednesday 12.21.11”

  1. Staci Ardison Says:

    “Before attempting the ring HSPU you must first practice the deficit.”… or you might almost accidentally kick michele in the face. 🙂


  2. Nick C. Says:

    press 1RM- 170lb (PR)
    did yesterday’s wod- 9 rounds + 5 reps w/ 135lb
    1500m row (1min on/1 min off) was surprisingly not that bad!


  3. Joel Says:

    Did yesterday’s WOD – Press – 150#. WOD – 7rds + 2 w/135. 1500m row – around 5:30 (rowing time).


  4. Jack H Says:

    Did a max deadlift today, only because I was feeling it and I had a goal to reach 400# before Christmas. Finally I got it today – feeling great to be back at CFN


  5. Tiffany Says:

    Worked on L-sit holds on the rings, then did today’s WOD: 7:24.


  6. Staci Ardison Says:

    worked on deadhang pullups and hspu, then today’s wod was 7:39


  7. Jodie Says:

    Did yesterday’s wod

    strict press, 125 went up pretty easily, failed on 130 3x…we need fractional plates!

    death by clean & jerk…thought it was for 10 min, so stopped at round 10 with 15 seconds left. I didn’t know that I was supposed to keep going. 😦

    1500 m row: 5;27 total row time


  8. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Worked on lever. It was hard!! But Grayson helped me out heaps and I did pretty awesome. My shoulders are pretty shot now. I’ve earned my rest day tomorrow.

    Wod: 9:26 rx. That was slow going, but I did all but 1 set of kbs unbroken. I’m happy with that.


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