Tuesday 12.13.11

Guys, you have one day left to complete the comp WODs. Ladies, you have till Friday to complete them.

Read this post by Kevin Daigle. I’m sure you’ve all felt this way at one time or another. Click here

Got Gluten?!

Check out this article from the Huffington post.


Your ego is a terrible training partner



amrap 20

2 muscle-ups

4 hspu

8 kb swings 2/1.5



amrap 20

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 squats



amrap 20

5 hspu

10 pistols(alternating legs)

15 pull-ups



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11 Comments on “Tuesday 12.13.11”

  1. Jodie Says:

    Woooooooo hoooooooool!!!!!! The day has come! The day that I will face the challenge of a lifetime. I have been waiting for this day for so long. I have had Nate on the goal board for a year and it took me a year before that to have the courage to write it in ink on the board! Tomorrow I will look u straight in the eyes….we will battle…and I will win! 🙂

    I have no idea how I’m going to sleep tonight…

    I can not wait to erase u from the board!!! And replace u with Nasty Girls!!! (why not, right???)

    To b continued tmrw……


  2. Tiffany Says:

    “Modified Mary”: 20 min AMRAP
    5 heavy KBS (53#)
    10 pistols
    15 ring rows
    9 rounds + 5 KBS + 5 pistols (L)
    I enjoyed this workout a lot…it enabled me to hone in on the best position for cranking out consecutive pistols. I found that the movement became easier when I positioned the lifted leg closer to the midline of my body and used my adducters for additional stability and strength.


  3. Staci Ardison Says:

    Cindy with HR pushups (though, I end up inchworming when I get tired)


  4. Robert Rykowski Says:

    my first nate – 8+2.


  5. Michele Says:

    mary 8+17. very happy 🙂


  6. Jodie Says:

    First Nate. 9 rounds plus 1 mu. It was super fun to do this wod with josh next to me. I completely fed off of his energy.

    Thanks for all the cheering! Totally helped! I luv cfn!!!!


  7. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I did Mary today. First workout with pistols. 9+2!! I don’t know how I did that but I did.


  8. Beth Says:

    Cindy 9+5 really wanted to make it to 10 rounds but next time!


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