Thursday 12.8.11

I just wanted to tell everyone how amazing you’re all doing and how happy I am with how you’re progressing.  Coaching and programming for you all is something that I love to do.  Every PR, every milestone, every second you suffer through a WOD, I am there with you.  Yes, I program your WODs and help you with your mechanics, but it’s your want and need to push through the pain and suffering that gets you where you are. It’s the people you train with every time you come in that motivate you and push you through those barriers. It’s the people who you train with every day that will always be there for you if you’re up or down.  The CFN community is what keeps you coming in every week.  The bond that connects each and every one of you is nothing short of amazing. You all make me proud. Thank you so much for being  part of something so great. I really am lucky to be able to be here with you all every day.

Team “Choose the Wrench”

“Choose the Wrench”

3 rounds

10 shoulder to overhead@155/105

15 toes to bar

with no rest, transition to


front squat@155/105

30 dbl unders after each set of front squats



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7 Comments on “Thursday 12.8.11”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Front squats – worked up to 5 reps @ 105#. Went up to 115# and failed on the second rep, primarily due to form.

    WOD: subbed KBS (35# for first 2 rounds, 45# for last round) for PP and GHD situps for T2B. FS @ 85#. Time: 8:57. Pleased with the time and that I did not have to re-rack the bar for any of the squats.
    I also discovered that maintaining the front rack position became easier when squeezing the elbows together in addition to aiming them upwards.


  2. SACKrifice Says:


    AWESOME post!!! You have def helped each and everyone one of us… So it should be us thanking you!!!

    If it wasnt for you, I would still be at home doing my random globo gym workouts at the local WOW (No, Heather & Jay W not World Of Warcraft but WorkOut World).

    Thank you Gil for making my second favorite part of the day so much fun! My first favorite is getting to hang out with Jenny and bothering her.


    • Jay W. Says:



    • Sylvia Says:

      I agree with Grayson. It is us thanking you. If it wasn’t for you – and my awesome fellow crossfitters for that matter -I would also still be going to the WOW, but instead I never set foot again in there after I recovered from my broking leg and have been at CFN ever since. And since I don’t have the equivalent of a Jenny to hang out with and bother CFN is my first favorite part of the day.


  3. Jodie Says:

    I’m on team choose the wrench but I did NOT like that at all!

    One things for sure foot 2 bars and du in oly shoes slow u down. Not sure if the benefit from one movement (front squats) was worth the breakdown of many other movements. 🙂

    Bring on the reebok oly shoes PLEASE!!!

    Wod rx: 14:08


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