Friday 12.2.11

Like the push-press, during the Wall Ball the legs and hips are giving momentum to the ball. Wait till the ball starts to rise off your chest before you start to push it.


Mental toughness or physical strength, which one would you rather have?



The Pistol

“Pick your poison”

30 muscle-ups for time


50 pull-ups/50 ring dips


100 burpee pull-ups for time


1. pistols

2. Pick your poison

3. kb farmers carry – 70/53 max distance in 1 min x 2



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13 Comments on “Friday 12.2.11”

  1. Joel Says:

    Did yesterday’s WOD: 315# DL, HSPU w/deficit (25# plate). About 23:30. Double unders continue to kill my times (and my forearms). Not pumped about the time, but happy that everything was Rx.


  2. Nick C. Says:

    30 muscle ups- 6:37


  3. jodie Says:

    loving josh’s hair in this pic!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Robert Rykowski Says:

    30 muscle ups in 9:17. impressive nick!


  5. Staci Ardison Says:

    GIJane in 14:11. Unsure if I paced myself right, but it hurt either way. Ripped at the end. oops.


  6. Staci Ardison Says:

    also: is it now snowing on the blog???? 🙂


  7. Jay W. Says:

    GI Jane – 11:30


  8. Jodie Says:

    GI jane nor 30 mu were in my future today w pulled bicep so Gilade me do this:

    Walking lunges with 55 on back
    15 ghdsu
    Farmers carry 100 ft w two 53lb kb
    15 min amrap

    Total leg burner!!!


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