Tuesday 11.22.11

Michele coaching Ryan at Southie

3 unbroken squat cleans starting at 135/95 every 2 min for 20 min.  Add weight if you can, lower if needed.

after each set of cleans you will do 6 c2b pull-ups/ pull-ups(if you did muscle-ups yesterday)or 6 toes to bar(if you did pull-ups yesterday)


1. squat clean/pull-ups or toes 2 bar

2. dbl-unders – amrap 2 minx2



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5 Comments on “Tuesday 11.22.11”

  1. Joel Says:

    Did yesterdays WOD: Row 500M TT: 1:37:1. WOD: 260 DL, Subbed MU’s with Pull-ups and ring dips. Think I finished somewhere around 20mins. Competitors WOD: 5×5 HSPU with Abmat and small deficit (10# plates).


  2. Joe Says:

    Still pretty sore from yesterday. Didn’t have more than 135 on the WOD today.
    For the doubleunders I got 7 and 15. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

    I recently read a great book called Willpower. The NY Times did a piece on it a few months ago. I recommend checking it out:


  3. Fred Says:

    Did yesterday’s WOD. Had high expectations of using my new MU prowess to do this WOD with all of the MUs. Result = MASSIVE FAILURE.

    1 round completed with MUs, 2nd round, 1 MU, 12 pull ups, 12 ring dips. Round 3, couldn’t even hold myself on the rings. Had to go with 15 pull ups and 15 chest to deck push ups. This whole ordeal took a little north of 17 minutes. Burpees were done with the strength, stamina and grace one would expect to see from an 80 year old man.

    Demoralizing overall, but at least I got through 1 round of MUs.


  4. Tiffany Says:

    Decided to do different WOD entirely so that my shoulder can continue to heal (doing my best to remain patient).
    10 front squats (80#)
    25 box jumps
    9 front squats
    25 double unders
    8 front squats
    25 ring rows
    7 front squats
    25 box jumps
    6 front squats
    25 double unders
    5 front squats
    25 ring rows
    4 front squats
    25 box jumps
    3 front squats
    25 double unders
    2 front squats
    25 ring rows
    1 front squat

    The ring rows were definitely the most challenging part of this workout for me. Usually broke them down in sets of 8,8,9, although it was more like 8, 8, 5, 3, 1 on the last round…

    Time: 16:28
    I probably could have pushed a little bit faster but wanted to focus on form during the front squats.


  5. Jodie Says:

    I was fired up ALL day today to do yesterday’s wod as I was unable to come last night. I talked to myself all day….I KNOW I can do 15 mu’s….I KNOW I can do this! Had parent teacher conferences until 5 pm and was exhausted but could not WAIT to get to CFN tonight.

    3 rounds of 5 mu, 10 DL at 185, 20 Burpees over the bar….proud to say I did it! It wasn’t pretty. There were many MANY failed mu’s. And, it took me 40:54, but I didn’t quit, not for one second.

    I must say that it helped me tremendously having the 6pm class cheering me on while they were all in the middle of excruciating squat cleans. Thank you all….you made it impossible to quit on myself….I owe you all a LOT!

    Thank you especially to Matt Freake who quietly did his ring dips next to me, but i could feel he was routing for me the entire time. When it was over he just shook my hand and without saying a word let me know that he was proud of me. Thanks Buddy! 🙂

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! 🙂


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