Friday 11.18.11

So the CFN team throwdown is full.  CFN has 3 teams (maybe 4) competing. One team is already set so there are 4 spots left for guys.  After the holidays we will be having a little friendly competition to fill those 4 spots.  The competition will consist of 2 WOD’s after which we will choose the 4 athletes to be on the 2 teams.  I would love to have everyone compete, but there’s simply not enough room in the gym.  Please let me know if you are interested in competing for one of those 4 spots. The sectionals are coming soon and I want us to be ready to send a team to regionals and ultimately the games.

For those of you interested in being on the CFN team please let me know.  After the holiday we will be starting team training days to get you prepared for victory.  There will be more info to come.  So stay tuned.  Lets get ready to take CFN to the games!!!!!

Shu Yee at full extension

snatch drop

2 – 2 – 2 – 2

Southie GG WOD#4

400 meter run w/sandbag

20 overhead squats 95/65

20 toes 2 bar

200 meter run w/sandbag

100 dbl-unders

200 meter run w/sandbag

20 toes 2 bar

20 overhead squats 95/65

run 400 meters w/sandbag

20 min cap



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5 Comments on “Friday 11.18.11”

  1. SACKrifice Says:

    I am sitting at my desk and have finally realized that the last two days have been AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Wed – DL
    Rob and Ken – you guys brought the noise, the rain AND sleet! Thanks to you two that made me bring the Thunder AND lightning to the WOD!

    Last night was DEF man time at the 6pm! Tons of PR’s on the box jumps! Def a few people earned a few days of bragging rights!

    AWESOME job by all!!!

    Anyone up for a little Eagles Deli on Sat around 1ish????


  2. Joel Says:

    Did Wednesdays WOD: DL @ 325x2x1, 335x2x3, 340x2x2, 345x2x2, 350x2x1, 355x2x1. 4 rounds run 200m w/45# sandbag. 1-1:15 min rest in between runs.


  3. Staci Says:

    Did cf in Columbus tonight.

    We started with a warmup, then a 15 minutes of abs.

    Then 21-15-9
    Single arm dumbbell snatch @25lbs.

    Finished in 9 something… Was able to do the snatches unbroken each round but had to wait for the bar every round for t2b but the good news is that since I was able to catch my breath before doing them I may have figured the kip out. Maybe.

    Very different, was good but I miss you guys already.


  4. Ryan Cormier Says:

    Would love to be part of the throwdown gil.

    2 Pr’s tonight. Tied the Gyms Snatch record with 175lbs…got it on video too =] (20lb PR)
    5 lb pr on Front Squat 235lbs
    Need to learn how to jerk, because mine is awfull

    15min amrap of:
    8 Power Cleans (135)
    12 KB Swings (70)
    16 HRPU
    20 Situps
    24 Double Unders

    Got 4 rounds + 2 KB Swings


  5. Jack H Says:

    I’d love to partake in the throwdown as well – did muscle ups with the 20# vest today. I thought they’d be a lot harder – but not holy s*** harder. Alas, they were holy s*** harder


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